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Rental Market Trends Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

Many things impact the housing market including interest rates, employment rates, and the overall state of the economy. The unemployment rate in the U.S. is currently sitting at a 49-year low of 3.6%, as of May 20191, with Vermont boasting the lowest unemployment rate of 2.1%.

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Practical Tax Tips for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to buying or selling commercial real estate, the process can be complex. However, whether you are buying or selling, considering potential property tax implications early in the process can benefit you long after you’ve closed on the property.

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6 Signs You're Overpaying for Property Taxes

It's the time of year when consumers and business owners alike are turning a blind eye to the pending date on the calendar: April 15. In the case of business owners with commercial property tax bills due, that date you may be shielding your eyes from is May 15—the deadline for filing property tax protests. If you own commercial property, your annual tax bill is likely a substantial expense. Unfortunately, according to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, around 30-60% of taxable properties in the United States are over-assessed, which—you guessed it—equals higher tax bills. Sadly, even though most consumers and businesses are overpaying due to inaccurately calculated properties, it’s predicted that less than 5% of taxpayers are challenging the assessment. Are you curious if your business is overpaying? Check out the list below that features 6 sure fire ways to help you determine whether our not you're overpaying on your commercial property taxes.

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Limited Housing Inventory Brings Investment Opportunity

As you may have heard, we're currently experiencing the tightest housing market and lowest housing inventory we've seen in years. As of January 2018, the U.S. had a 3.6-month supply of homes for sale, meaning that at the pace of sales underway, inventory would deplete in less than four months. A healthy housing market, which offers balanced opportunities to both sellers and buyers, consists of a six-month supply.

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Establish Rental Agreements Your Tenants Understand

As a landlord, you’re responsible for providing an accurate legal document when renting your property, but creating a rental agreement that your tenant(s) understand is important, too. It’s also necessary to provide this type of document to protect yourself, your rental, and the tenant(s) you select to occupy your rental home. Here are three tips to consider when preparing your next rental contract and how you could make the process a little smoother for yourself and your tenant(s).

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Tips for Finding a Property Management Company

As a real estate investor with multiple properties, you may be acting as a landlord managing your properties and keeping up with the day-to-day activities. It can become overwhelming as you acquire additional properties and your task list grows. To offset some of these burdensome tasks, you may consider hiring a property management company to manage and take some of the everyday landlord responsibilities off your shoulders. But, you may be asking yourself, where do I begin? Here are a few tips that can help you make an educated decision about hiring the right property management company.

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Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio and Generate Income

As a seasoned real estate investor with multiple properties, a couple of your top concerns might be how to continue growing your portfolio and finding new and creative ways to generate income from your properties. The traditional way of renting out a property to a tenant with a year-long lease or longer is not the only option in today's rental market. Fortunately for many real estate investors, there are alternative and practical ways to generate income from your properties. Here are two creative ways that can help continue to grow your real estate portfolio and generate additional income.

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5 Tips You Should Consider to Make the Right Tenant Selection

Real estate investors have quite a to-do list when it comes to minimizing risk for their investment property portfolio. You must consider things like adequate insurance coverage, estimated home maintenance costs, potential tax implications, and how to find and keep the right tenants for your rental properties.

While finding a tenant may be easy for some investors, particularly if you're in a popular location, finding the right tenant is not always so simple. Unfortunately, if you don't find the right tenants, it could cost you substantially. Even if you have potential renters waiting in line to take a peek at your freshly painted rental, being picky pays off. From unpaid rent, expensive maintenance repairs, and the legal fees associated with an eviction, settling on the wrong tenant could cost a landlord big.

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5 Tips Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

If done right, real estate investing can be a great source of secondary income and even become your primary source of income. Starting on the right foot and understanding the process is imperative and can save you time and money in the long run.  If you are currently a real estate investor or thinking about becoming one, here are five essential tips that every real estate investor should know-no matter where you are in the game. 

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