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Asking the Right Questions is Key to a Successful Exit Interview

Employee exit interviews are an important part of HR management and monitoring employee retention and satisfaction. Just as it is important to hold a sales interview to find out why you did not get an account, it is equally important (if not, more important!) to understand why an employee leaves an organization and how, if possible, that information can be used to avoid future employee separations.

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The Top 8 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Payroll Provider

When it comes to running your business, there are many key factors that play a huge roll in keeping it well oiled, especially when it comes to expenses. One of the most critical, time consuming, and important components when it comes to employees is payroll. They want to be paid, and they want to be paid on time. Other than the act of paying out employees, businesses also have to ensure they fully understand and comply with all applicable tax and employment laws. When it comes to the IRS and the state tax agencies, ignorance is no longer bliss—or an excuse. While many businesses opt to perform payroll duties on their own, many don’t have the flexibility in their days to complete a time-consuming and tedious endeavor all on their own, while ensuring they remain compliant in an ever-changing regulatory world.

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Use Exit Interviews to Gain Valuable Information for Your Organization

When an employee leaves, you're left with a number of tasks related to completing work in progress, keeping everything moving with a smaller staff, and hiring a new employee to fill the void. In all that chaos, you may overlook the importance of conducting an exit interview to capture a departing employee's thoughts and suggestions. While you may have viewed exit interviews as a luxury you don't have time for, it's imperative you make the time to listen to the views and attitudes of employees who have chosen to leave your organization.

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Creating an Engaged Culture through Volunteerism

There are a lot of things in today’s workplace that can make employees feel happy and more engaged—money, rewards, a thank you card. The list could go on and on, but one of the ways that many companies are fulfilling this need for in inclusion and recognition is through corporate volunteer programs. Offering employees the opportunity to give back to their communities and to organizations that are important to them not only increases employee engagement and your bottom line, but it makes good business sense. It’s no secret that giving back and helping others makes you feel good—physically and emotionally—and, often times, it's reflected through the increased interpersonal relationships among your employees.

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Must-Ask Questions For Your Next Job Interviewee

We've said it time and time again, but the hiring decisions you make can directly impact your company's bottom line, and hiring the wrong person can cost you big—up to five times their annual salary, according to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

The interview process is a crucial step in hiring the right person to not only adequately fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the job, but also integrate into your company's culture and work well with you and your existing employees. Make sure that you go into each interview with a game plan for the questions you will ask each candidate so that you can get a deeper understanding of their personality and character.

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