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Three Customer Service Trends to Replicate in Your Business This Year

Great customer service is something that every business should emphasize. Companies that put customer service at the forefront of their business are notably more successful and able to retain their customers longer than those who don’t. When you think of great customer service, what are some of the brands that automatically come to mind?

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What Your Business Can Learn from Cheers

I vaguely remember hearing the theme song from the 1980s sitcom, "Cheers," as a kid when I would visit my grandparents' house during the summer. It was always on right before the 10 p.m. news, and even to this day, when I hear the opening score, I see my grandmother's orange and brown paisley couch and smell the scent of homemade tortillas (a constant and wonderful staple in my grandmother's kitchen!).

Now, thanks to Netflix, I get to enjoy "Cheers" as an adult, and I can finally understand and appreciate the humor. As an added bonus, my one-year-old LOVES the theme song and goes full throttle into her signature dance as soon as she hears it!

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A 5-Step Plan for Increasing Customer Survey Response Rates

You probably already use surveys to track your company's performance or to analyze your market, but are you really getting the most out of them? Today, most surveys are overlooked by consumers, with low completion rates preventing companies from getting the information they need. There are ways to change this, however, and create effective surveys benefit both you and your customers.

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Six Logical Things Mr. Spock Might Say About Long-Term Client Relationships

Ask any Trekkie fan if they are familiar with Mr. Spock, and you will most certainly hear a variety of answers. More than likely, they can quickly characterize his trademark look, rational approach, and recite some of their favorite Spock lines.

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Five Stupid Human Tricks Guaranteed to Make Your Business Fail

If you have seen a segment called ‘Stupid Human Tricks’ on David Letterman’s Late Show, you may have noticed quite a bit of people who are happy to showcase their special talent to a nationwide audience. Their goal is to gain exposure and capture that elusive 15 minutes of fame.  Some of the more entertaining videos are posted on Youtube, and, quite often, they become subjects of break room conversations  across the nation the next morning at the office. 

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The 3 Things Your Business Can Learn From Coach Popovich and the Spurs

Gregg Popovich is arguably one of the best NBA coaches of all time. In his tenure with the San Antonio Spurs, he has racked up more than 800 wins, and he's just clenched this fifth NBA Championship. As the leader of your company, you are essentially the "head coach" of your organization, and you can learn several business lessons from one of the winning-est coaches in NBA history. 

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