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Successfully Navigating Major Transitions in Your Organization

This has been an atypical year filled with unprecedented changes. A global pandemic, country-wide lockdown, economic downturn, and an uncertain future outlook have combined to create unique challenges for business owners. If we’ve learned anything over the last several months, it’s that tenacity and flexibility are critical when navigating what we’ve come to know as “the new normal.”

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Double Down on Cyber Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Each day, we all use authenticators to prove our identity and establish trust. Whether it's accessing our cell phones, bank accounts, or our employer's network, authentication is a part of our daily life. Without authenticators, establishing trust would make business transactions very difficult, and without secure authentication, an imposter could severely damage a business’ financial interests and their digital persona. Proving identity is increasingly important as we use global online services and surround ourselves with the internet.

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[Case Study] Reyes Automotive Group

When COVID-19 and government stay-at-home orders swept across the U.S., Reyes Automotive Group, an on-site supplier for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and SWBC client, was put in a tough position when automotive manufacturing essentially came to a halt.

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FAQs Regarding Return-to-Work Guidelines

As our nation continues to grapple with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many business leaders are assembling teams and task forces to determine the best way to safely return their employees from home to the physical workplace. Naturally, employees and employers alike are concerned about safety, and many organizations are seeking answers for what they can and cannot do regarding return-to-work concerns.

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Crucial Benefits Communication Strategies

As a business leader, you spend a lot of time and effort—not to mention expense—to provide the best possible benefits for your employees. After all, ensuring that the members of your workforce are happy and healthy helps ensure that they are effective and productive at work. According to a recent study, “Satisfied and workers who feel well provide better customer service and are more productive each day, leading to a 12% spike in productivity for your business and higher profits.”1

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3 Cybersecurity Tips You Must Share With Your Employees

All organizations face information security risk—whether your employees work remotely or on premise. In order to protect your business from exposure, it’s important that you regularly educate and remind your employees about the ways they can help limit exposure to security threats. Here are three tips you can share with your employees to increase their awareness about cybersecurity.

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4 Tips for Navigating a Hard Insurance Market

This has been a year of unprecedented changes. A global pandemic, country-wide lockdown, economic downturn, and an uncertain future outlook have combined to create unique challenges for business owners and the insurance industry as a whole. In recent months, we’ve seen the industry shifting out of the longest soft market in recent history and moving toward a hard market. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what a hardening insurance marketplace means for business owners, and give you tips for navigating the changing landscape into 2021.

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Telehealth and Telemedicine Solutions to Reduce Healthcare Costs

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to massive disruptions in the healthcare industry this year. Healthcare providers have had to adopt new methods of evaluating and caring for patients that help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting in-person services.

Prior to the current health crisis, telemedicine was specifically used for patients who did not have access to care, for instance those living in rural communities.

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Lessons from Retirement Industry Litigation

If your organization offers a retirement plan to your employees, you assume fiduciary responsibility and that opens you up to a number of risks, including legal action. When you’ve worked in the retirement plan business as long as I have, you can’t escape the occasional breaking news story of a well-meaning company facing litigation involving their company retirement plan. The catalyst for action is usually a disgruntled former employee going to an attorney.

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Creating a Culture of Workplace Safety for Your Employees

When you own or run a business, ensuring the safety of your workplace and employees is a top priority. Improving safety at your business is one way to help mitigate risk and provide a positive workplace environment for your employees. When members of your team are actively involved in safety programs and culture as part of their workplace training, it creates a sense of personal investment and ownership in the safety and overall success of the company.

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