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What The Heck Is Functional Obsolescence and How Does It Impact My Property Taxes?

Did you know that it’s been almost 50 years since the first handheld cellular phone was made by Motorola? Back then, who walking around holding a two and a half pound phone could have imagined the wor... Read more



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Are We Reflating Yet?

You can almost hear the nervous laughter reverberating across financial markets with the jump in yields on the longer end of the yield curve. Since the end of January, yields on the 10-year Treasury n... Read more



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Crushing Your 2020 Taxes: What’s New & Important Deductions

Not to be rude and bring up 2020, but before we can put the year fully behind us and move on for good, you’ve got one last task to tackle—filing your 2020 taxes. With the deadline to file coming up on... Read more