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3 Cybersecurity Tips You Must Share With Your Employees

All organizations face information security risk—whether your employees work remotely or on premise. In order to protect your business from exposure, it’s important that you regularly educate and remind your employees about the ways they can help limit exposure to security threats. Here are three tips you can share with your employees to increase their awareness about cybersecurity.

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Telehealth and Telemedicine Solutions to Reduce Healthcare Costs

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to massive disruptions in the healthcare industry this year. Healthcare providers have had to adopt new methods of evaluating and caring for patients that help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting in-person services.

Prior to the current health crisis, telemedicine was specifically used for patients who did not have access to care, for instance those living in rural communities.

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Creating a Culture of Workplace Safety for Your Employees

When you own or run a business, ensuring the safety of your workplace and employees is a top priority. Improving safety at your business is one way to help mitigate risk and provide a positive workplace environment for your employees. When members of your team are actively involved in safety programs and culture as part of their workplace training, it creates a sense of personal investment and ownership in the safety and overall success of the company.

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Remote Workforce Information Security Tips

Working from home presents a whole new host of unique information security risks. Although being at home can tend to make people more lax about important information security habits, this is actually a time when we will need to be even more vigilant than usual, as cyber criminals look to take advantage of vulnerabilities.

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Creative Training Solutions to Coronavirus Disruptions

In the wake of the coronavirus, companies have had to adjust to new social distancing best practices. For many businesses, this has involved a huge shift from running daily operations on-site to managing a remote workforce. In light of these recent changes, organizations are forging creative paths around these disruptions, including taking greater advantage of eLearning opportunities for their employees.

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Cyber Security: The Bug That Can Take Down Your Medical Practice

In 2016,1 a hospital in California was the victim of a ransomware attack. Hackers shut down the internal computer system at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center for over a week, encrypting protected patient files, emails, billing, and other sensitive data.

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10 (More) Binge- Worthy Stats About Cyber Crime: Part 2

Cyber crime is a clear and present danger. Most, if not all, organizations take precautions to avoid loss from traditional robberies or theft, but may not give cyber security a second thought. However, getting hacked could put your proprietary and/or confidential business information, your customers' private information and assets, and your organization's reputation on the line.

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15 Binge-Worthy Stats You Need to Know About Cyber Breaches

Since the advent of the internet, cyber attacks and data breaches have become one of the biggest threats to businesses, and the most valuable currency is customer data. Cyber criminals have become some of the most sophisticated and stealthy offenders, simply because they can act covertly from anywhere with an internet connection.

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The Key Benefits of Upskilling

As an employer, you have many responsibilities. Aside from building a successful business, you also have a number of obligations to your employees. In a job market with unprecedentedly low unemployment rates, employees have the upper hand when it comes to their job prospects. Given this fact, in order to attract and retain top talent, businesses must not only strive to offer their employees competitive employee health benefits packages, but they must also provide them with career growth and development opportunities, such as upskilling.

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[Video] What Businesses Need to Know About Cyber Threats

Recently, I sat down with Brett Morgan, SVP of Sales, to talk about the prevalent threat of cyber attacks and how these threats can affect businesses. Check out our video to learn:

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