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5 Awesome Blog Posts You Never Read

We're all super busy; trust me, I get it. So it's no surprise that some of, what I think are expertly written blogs, may have missed their way to your screen.

To solve this dilemma we've complied the top 5 BusinessHub blog posts so far this year that you probably didn't read, but are actually really helpful. There's a wealth of information here to help your business. And in the end, it's all about learning and making forward progress. Enjoy! 

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The Most Popular BusinessHub Posts of 2017

Well, it's August and we're well past the mid-point of the year. We typically do an end-of-year blog post on our most popular BusinessHub blog posts. However, I'm fairly impatient, and waiting until January 2018 was just too long. Plus, the team was excited to share some of our most read blog posts, so we decided we just had to do a mid-year review!

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Why More Americans Are Delaying Retirement

I am several years away from retirement, and while I sometimes daydream about the day that I'll officially retire from the "rat race" (particularly on those long, tough days at the office) and trade my suit and tie for hunting gear, I recently learned that many Americans are delaying retirement. I found this surprising, so I sat down with Reuben Escobedo, Retirement Plan Specialist at SWBC, who has nearly 17 years of experience in the financial and retirement industry, to learn more about this trend and find out just why so many Americans are delaying their exit from the workforce.

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