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5 Awesome Blog Posts You Never Read

5-awesome-businesshub-posts-you-never-read.jpgWe're all super busy; trust me, I get it. So it's no surprise that some of, what I think are expertly written blogs, may have missed their way to your screen.

To solve this dilemma we've complied the top 5 BusinessHub blog posts so far this year that you probably didn't read, but are actually really helpful. There's a wealth of information here to help your business. And in the end, it's all about learning and making forward progress. Enjoy! 

1. Four Negative Effects of A Cyber Breach

In 2015, more than 430 million unique pieces of malware were discovered online. With the recent WannaCry ransomware concerns, business need to know how to protect themselves from cyber threats. We examined what can happen as a result of a cyber breach in an effort to better prepare you and your business. 

2. 5 Steps to a Successful Employee Training Program

Retaining employees is essential for several reasons. First, if you have a revolving employment door, it is very costly. Second, employees that have opportunities to grow and learn through training workshops are often happier in the workplace than those who don't. This article provides five tips to jump-start your employee training program. 

3. 3 Laws that Affect the Interview Process (And How You Can Avoid Breaking Them)

As a small business owner, you often have to conduct your own interviews. You can't just ask a job candidate anything you want. Take a look at a three laws to know and understand before conducting your next job interview. If nothing else, pass this info to your human resources staff. 

4. Financially Protect Your Employees By Offering Voluntary Insurance

Investing in employees is a strategic investment in your business. Taking care of employees like family sets a positive tone for your workforce. Offering voluntary insurance as part of your benefits package shows you care about your employees' well being, even in the event of a non work-related illness or accident. 

5. Gone Phising: The Dangers of Social Engineering

Hackers look for ways to malicously cause harm to your computer system and network. Through Phising, hackers disguise emails and website that look very similar to the real thing. Often prompting you to enter in password or other important information. Once you do so your systems are at risk. This article talk about how Phising works and what to look for. 

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