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Coronavirus and Commercial Insurance: What You Need to Know

As health officials around the globe seek to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), economies and citizens remain unsettled. In the United States this week, public events are being canceled en masse, while businesses and organizations have begun making plans for maintaining the health of their employees and bottom lines in the face of what has just been officially declared a global pandemic.

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Rental Market Trends Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

Many things impact the housing market including interest rates, employment rates, and the overall state of the economy. The unemployment rate in the U.S. is currently sitting at a 49-year low of 3.6%, as of May 20191, with Vermont boasting the lowest unemployment rate of 2.1%.

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Network Diagnostics II: Defending Your Company's Cyber Security

Data is everywhere. We store it in our internal business systems and in the cloud. We collect it from our clients and share our data with business partners. Leaders need data, value it, and are able to amass it. We carry data with us and leave a digital footprint every day. Technology providers help us store it forever and share it globally. In the data breach era, leaders face greater risk if they fail to protect data throughout its lifecycle.

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The State of the 2019 Housing Market

Rising mortgage rates, slower home sales, and urban booms happening in cities across the country— what does all of this mean for the state of this year’s housing market?

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Workers’ Compensation: Unique Approach in Texas

Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that helps people with work-related injuries and illnesses. Employees covered by workers’ compensation get medical care to treat their injuries and illnesses.

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Trends in Professional Liability Insurance

Over the past several quarters, there has been a steady positive growth trend for Professional Liability Insurance. Sometimes referred to as professional indemnity insurance, but most commonly known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, this type of liability insurance helps protect individuals and companies who provide professional advice and/or a professional service. It helps to cover costs associated with defending against a negligence claim made by a client. Professional liability insurance is an absolute must for business owners that provide a professional service.

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Limited Housing Inventory Brings Investment Opportunity

As you may have heard, we're currently experiencing the tightest housing market and lowest housing inventory we've seen in years. As of January 2018, the U.S. had a 3.6-month supply of homes for sale, meaning that at the pace of sales underway, inventory would deplete in less than four months. A healthy housing market, which offers balanced opportunities to both sellers and buyers, consists of a six-month supply.

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Establish Rental Agreements Your Tenants Understand

As a landlord, you’re responsible for providing an accurate legal document when renting your property, but creating a rental agreement that your tenant(s) understand is important, too. It’s also necessary to provide this type of document to protect yourself, your rental, and the tenant(s) you select to occupy your rental home. Here are three tips to consider when preparing your next rental contract and how you could make the process a little smoother for yourself and your tenant(s).

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What's Going on with Insurance Rates?

For several years now, the insurance industry has held the view that we were just one or two “super losses” away from seeing the long, soft market turn. Storm seasons have come and gone, large loss events have occurred, and yet insurance rates have remained relatively flat. That is, until 2017 when we experienced the most devastating storm season in our nation’s history. Harvey, Irma, and Maria continue to reverberate as insurance companies deal with the aftermath and consumers are now beginning to see the effects.

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Tips for Finding a Property Management Company

As a real estate investor with multiple properties, you may be acting as a landlord managing your properties and keeping up with the day-to-day activities. It can become overwhelming as you acquire additional properties and your task list grows. To offset some of these burdensome tasks, you may consider hiring a property management company to manage and take some of the everyday landlord responsibilities off your shoulders. But, you may be asking yourself, where do I begin? Here are a few tips that can help you make an educated decision about hiring the right property management company.

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