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    Voluntary Insurance Programs Offer Extra Benefits to Your Employees

    When it comes to employee benefits, it's unlikely that your employees would say, "less is more." However, with the rising cost of employee health insurance and other costs involved in recruiting and retaining staff, most organizations don't have funds to add and cover extra benefits.

    With voluntary employee benefits, you can offer your employees a number of extra benefits at no cost to your business. Here's how it works:

    1. Your business agrees to offer voluntary benefit plans to employees.
    2. You work in collaboration with your employee benefits consultant to choose insurance companies that offer plans you think would appeal to your employees.
    3. Employees pay for their chosen benefits through payroll deduction, set up through your business and your benefits consultant.
    4. Employees work directly with your benefits consultant and the insurance company to administer the plans and submit claims.

    Voluntary group benefits allow employees to enroll in valuable benefit and insurance plans such as:

    • Critical illness or cancer plans
    • Accident plans
    • Hospital indemnity plans
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Auto insurance
    • Homeowners or renters insurance

    In addition to perceived additional benefits through the company, these programs offer employees a number of attractive features including:

    Cost Savings 

    Employees who purchase plans through your employee benefits consultant receive a discounted group rate on purchases.


    Employees can pay through payroll deduction. Depending on plans purchased, employees may be able to pay with pre-tax funds, flexible spending accounts, or health savings accounts.

    Peace of Mind 

    Employees with high-deductible plans or other gaps in coverage can choose benefits that resolve the shortcomings and provide extra cash at critical times.

    Time Savings 

    Employees often feel that, since their employer has researched the carrier and benefits consultant already, they are spared the effort of vetting providers and comparing prices.

    Preventive Care Benefits 

    Plans such as vision and dental provide employees and their families with preventive care benefits, helping to ensure health for the long term.

    Given that 61% of employees say they would accept a job with a lower salary but more competitive benefits package, adding a voluntary benefits program could help your organization become more competitive in a tight labor market. Voluntary benefits are a flexible and cost-effective solution to help you build a more robust benefits package—without breaking the bank!

    Learn how to boost employee engagement while minimizing healthcare costs for your organization.

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    Taylor Cunningham

    Taylor Cunningham is an Employee Benefits Consultant who provides clients with expert advice about the healthcare marketplace. She designs and implements benefits solutions to help her clients achieve their business goals. She welcomes any opportunity to discuss employee benefits strategies and improve a company's bottom-line.

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