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Recent Posts

Telehealth and Telemedicine Solutions to Reduce Healthcare Costs

The global coronavirus pandemic has led to massive disruptions in the healthcare industry this year. Healthcare providers have had to adopt new methods of evaluating and caring for patients that help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting in-person services.

Prior to the current health crisis, telemedicine was specifically used for patients who did not have access to care, for instance those living in rural communities.

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How COVID- 19 Has Impacted Mental Health Spending

There’s no way around it—2020 has been a stressful year. Between increased health anxieties over the global coronavirus pandemic, adjusting to shelter-in-place orders, transitioning to work-from-home and learning to navigate remote learning while schools are shut down, major civil rights protests, and an uncertain economic future, it’s no wonder that Americans’ mental health is suffering.

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Compensation and Benefits: Building a Total Rewards Package

As employers are becoming more mindful and concerned about how to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce in a competitive recruiting landscape while maintaining costs, building a total rewards compensation and benefits package is becoming increasingly more important.The concept of a total rewards package is not necessarily new, but employers are starting to do a better job of communicating the “hidden paycheck” behind their employees’ full compensation package. 

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5 Wellness Program Perks Every Business Owner Should Know

Wellness programs started as a perk for large corporations and have since become an attractive employee benefit for businesses of all sizes. Implementing and supporting a corporate wellness program is one way that many businesses are trying to build a culture of health and fitness for their employees and their bottom line.

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