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    How to Keep Your Credentials Cyber Safe [Infographic]

    Many threats face the average internet user where hackers are lingering, waiting to potentially steal your login credentials. Businesses face these threats as well. With many employees working from home, there are fewer barriers preventing hackers from getting their sticky fingers on data they can eventually trade, hold for ransom, or sell on the black market.

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    Let’s look at some data surrounding how prevalent password breaches really are and some tips on how to keep your passwords safe.


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    Cybersecurity Checklist 2021

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    Brett Morgan

    Brett Morgan specializes in alternative risk transfer programs, professional liability, Directors & Officers liability, and employment issues centered on protecting clients’ assets. He has an extensive background in understanding property exposures and a customer’s business processes. Brett has taught various seminars on business interruption, protecting your company while conducting business in foreign countries, and protecting your client’s internal controls from theft.

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