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5 Ways to Build a Successful Internship Program

Let's be honest, we've all worked at companies where college interns are thought of as the bottom man or woman on the totem pole. You may have even been at the bottom of that totem pole yourself some time ago! Interns are asked to do the most minuscule tasks like grabbing coffee, filling up the copier with paper, sorting mail, and anything else you can imagine. Although these tasks need to get done, could your intern be utilized in a way that is more impactful and beneficial to your company? Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring your next intern to help you build your very own successful internship program.

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Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 5 Simple Steps

Many business professionals that I regularly interact with are somewhat perplexed when it comes to LinkedIn. While most people of all age groups understand the basics of social media from a personal perspective—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—LinkedIn falls into a different category where the lines of what to include in your profile and what type of content to share can become blurred. If you're using LinkedIn to build your professional network, generate leads, or search for career opportunities, there are simple updates you can make to your LinkedIn profile today to help you achieve your goals. Today, I'll cover five enhancements that will help you improve your searchability, describe your expertise, and establish your authority in your business or field of work.

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3 Ways Business Leaders Should Be More Like Leo DiCaprio

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Whether you're a movie buff or not, it's difficult to escape the chatter surrounding Oscar season. As we approach the 88th Academy Awards, and Leonardo DiCaprio receives his fifth Oscar nomination, DiCaprio fans across the world are crossing their collective fingers, hoping that 2016 is finally the year that the critically acclaimed actor takes home a gold statue for Best Actor. Admittedly, I stand with the crowd that disagrees with the fact that Leo has yet to win an Oscar, considering I probably watched Titanic about 60 times, and my entire bedroom was covered ceiling to floor with Teen Beat posters of that handsome devil when I was 14 (who remembers him as Luke in Growing Pains? #swoon), but I digress! It's hard to argue with a talent that has more than 29 movie roles to his credit, and whether or not you fall into the #TeamLeo category, I believe that all business can learn a thing or two from his acting career:

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What Your Business Can Learn from Cheers

I vaguely remember hearing the theme song from the 1980s sitcom, "Cheers," as a kid when I would visit my grandparents' house during the summer. It was always on right before the 10 p.m. news, and even to this day, when I hear the opening score, I see my grandmother's orange and brown paisley couch and smell the scent of homemade tortillas (a constant and wonderful staple in my grandmother's kitchen!).

Now, thanks to Netflix, I get to enjoy "Cheers" as an adult, and I can finally understand and appreciate the humor. As an added bonus, my one-year-old LOVES the theme song and goes full throttle into her signature dance as soon as she hears it!

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The 5-Step Guide to Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

​​​​​Let's face it—the social media phenomenon isn't going anywhere. Whether we like it or not, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and the myriad of other social media platforms are here to stay. Like most technological advances, you can either get on the proverbial boat or get left behind. 

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The 3 Things Your Business Can Learn From Coach Popovich and the Spurs

Gregg Popovich is arguably one of the best NBA coaches of all time. In his tenure with the San Antonio Spurs, he has racked up more than 800 wins, and he's just clenched this fifth NBA Championship. As the leader of your company, you are essentially the "head coach" of your organization, and you can learn several business lessons from one of the winning-est coaches in NBA history. 

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Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Participating in Social Media

​​​If you're on the fence about participating in social media for business purposes, you may be missing out on many potential benefits. While social media can come with some drawbacks, such as subjecting yourself and your company to potential scrutiny, it can also be a forum for open discussion with prospects who want to learn more about your business' products and services.

Take advantage of a strong social media business presence:​​

  1. Establish yourself as an industry expert
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