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5 Most Popular BusinessHub Blog Posts You May Have Missed

We’re a little over halfway through the year (can you even believe it?), and while 2021 has been remarkably more “normal” than 2020, I think we can all agree things are still strange, to say the least. With all the business of the year, you may have missed some of the blog content that we’ve been putting out this year! I’m obviously a little biased, but some of my personal favorites include:

Our readers feel a little different, though! Here is a list of the top five most popular blog posts from 2020 to date published on BusinessHub. I hope you enjoy them as much as our other readers have, and if haven’t already, subscribe to our blog by going here, and we’ll deliver fresh content to your inbox each week!

1. Non-Traditional Benefits That Attract and Retain Top Talent

The way Americans work and what employees value in a benefits package has been rapidly evolving for the past decade. Gone are the days where salary was the only consideration for accepting employment. These days, workforces demand benefits and organizational structures that help them achieve wellness and continuity in their lives. In order to remain competitive, employers are facing increased pressure to offer an employee experience that benefits and nurtures their workforce.

In this blog post, Andrew Grove highlights some of the top trending “non-traditional” benefits that are helping employers find success in today’s competitive job market.

2. Compensation and Benefits: Building a Total Rewards Package

As employers are becoming more mindful and concerned about how to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce in a competitive recruiting landscape while maintaining costs, building a total rewards compensation and benefits package is becoming increasingly more important. Total rewards packages offer monetary and non-monetary rewards to employees. Read more about how total rewards packages can benefit your business in this blog post by Taylor Cunningham.

3. How Social Determinants of Health Impact Wellness Programs

There are many factors that affect our health. We know that eating well, exercising, and seeing a doctor when we are sick are simple steps that we can take to keep ourselves healthy, but did you know our health is also affected by access to social and economic opportunities? Our Wellness Program Manager, Roxanne Leal, explains how understanding social determinants can help your organization optimize your wellness program in this blog post.

4. 3 Ways Our Employee Benefits Brokers Have Reduced Costs for Employers

In this blog post, Jonathan Amato shares three illustrative examples of how employee benefits experts can truly be a business partner to your organization, evaluating claims data and employee population statistics to offer suggestions to improve the business’ benefits plan—and in many cases, reduce costs.

5. Maximizing the Value of Your Employee Benefits Broker Relationship

Not having an onsite team of HR and benefits experts to help navigate this daunting responsibility can leave many small business leaders feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of whether they’re doing the best job. In this blog post, Jonathan Amato explores how smaller organizations can leverage the relationship and expertise of their employee benefits broker to maximize the value of their health and benefits plan.

As we begin to approach open enrollment, budgeting, and strategic planning seasons, I encourage you to subscribe to our blog to gain access to our educational content and free resources that can help your run a more efficient, cost-effective business!

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Victoria Penn

Victoria Penn is the AVP of Marketing for SWBC. She manages a team of marketers that develop traditional and digital marketing strategies. She also leads the Content Marketing Strategy for SWBC.

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