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Six Misconceptions That Could Hurt Your Financial Future

There are six common misconceptions that business owners make that can compromise their company and personal finances. Each of these highlight common missteps in running the financial side of your business, which in turn can affect your company and your future.

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Make Financial Education Part of Your Employee Wellness Plan

As you probably know, one of the most valuable and popular benefits you can offer employees is a company-sponsored retirement plan. Assuming you provide your employees with the opportunity to save for their future through a corporate retirement plan, there’s just one problem: according to the Pension Rights Center, only about half of American workers are participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Unfortunately, many U.S. workers feel so overwhelmed by existing debt, bills, and household financial obligations that they are unable to find funds to save in their company’s retirement plan.

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Save on Taxes By Using Multiple Entities in Business Transfer

If you're like most business owners, you're probably looking for some tax planning methods that will reduce your annual taxes. Here's an example that shows how using multiple entities in a business transfer of ownership can lower your tax burden.

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Assemble the Best Team for Business Exit Planning

When it comes to exiting your business, there's no need to take on the challenge of planning your exit alone. However, you may find that some of your existing advisors don’t have all the skills, tools, and strategies necessary to help you set up an exit on your terms. While planning for your future is the key, results are the only way to judge your business exit. Since a business exit has personal, financial, and professional considerations, you'll want to address all aspects at once.

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Offer Executive Financial Planning as a Benefit to Key Execs

Your business relies on its leaders to drive performance and achieve company goals. With the unemployment rate low and job opportunities plentiful, right now your key executives are especially at risk of getting poached by another company. To ensure you retain the employees most responsible for your company's success, you need a top-notch mix of rewards and benefits. One smart and valuable benefit to offer your company's executives is executive financial planning that addresses the unique financial needs and requirements of highly compensated executives.

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