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Recent Posts

Reference-Based Health Pricing

As a business leader who must manage the rising costs of health insurance, what would you say to someone who could offer you a program that provides price transparency while adopting a fair market value approach to costs? Sounds interesting, right? What if that program required a significant up front effort by you, your business leaders, and your employees? Still interested? Reference-based health pricing (RBP) is a healthcare concept that is not particularly new to the industry, but relatively new as a technique that employers can use to help control benefits spending.

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Rethinking Benefits

When most employers think of employee benefits, they think of core medical benefits coupled with one or more other ancillary or specialty products such as dental, vision, life, disability, or accident plans. Those are certainly “top of mind” when you jot down a list of benefits employers typically offer. Today, more and more employers are being asked to enhance their program offerings by adding new forms of benefits to the overall benefit platform.

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Grandfathered Health Plans Now on Life Support

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowed certain health plans to remain intact following implementation of the Act on March 2010 provided they have not had specific plan changes made since that time. Since these plans existed before the Act was signed into law, they are not required to comply with some of the ACA provisions. However, if certain changes were made to the plans at any time between 2010 and now, the plans would have to immediately comply with additional ACA requirements.

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The Importance of Women in the Workforce

Women comprise a significant segment of the workforce. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women share 46.8% of the total labor force in the United States. So, what does that mean for business leaders? Well, approximately only half of American women participated in the workforce in 1980, compared to nearly 80% of men. And, while the number of women working today is a substantial increase from past years, there’s still a lot that can be done to increase the number of women who are not only part of the workforce, but remain engaged and active throughout their careers. 

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