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Recent Posts

Gen Y: The New Generation of Life Insurance Consumers

Did you know that Millennials are expected to inherit more than $17.8 trillion? Gen Y is a substantial group, and these future business leaders are quickly leaving their mark on the world. With all that Gen Y is experiencing, it makes sense that they are the future life insurance consumers. But does Gen Y know the role that insurance could play in their life? Even today.

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Life Insurance: 5 Reasons It Should Be One of Your Core Products

Not all insurance products on the market are applicable to everyone, nor available to everyone for that matter. For example, some of your customers may never purchase a home so homeowners’ insurance is not applicable (but renters’ insurance is!), or if they live in an area with great mass public transportation, they most likely will not need a car loan and corresponding auto insurance.  However, life insurance is coverage that everyone should have in place.

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