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3 Questions with SWBC Financial Institution Group's Mark Hein

Recently, SWBC Financial Institution Group’s CEO, Mark Hein, sat down with Lauren Culp, publisher and CEO of CU Insight to discuss how SWBC is helping credit unions and their members during these unprecedented times.

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The discovery of the coronavirus, now named COVID-19, last month in Wuhan, China, and its subsequent spread out of China and around the world has caused great uneasiness and alarm.  On Tuesday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak at home that could lead to significant disruptions of daily life, since hitting an all-time high last Wednesday, the S&P 500 has fallen 13% while the 10-year Treasury yield has fallen to a new all-time low of 1.17%. 

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Credit Union Industry Stats and Performance Trends: Q4 2018

I look forward to CUDATA.COM’s statistics and trends report each quarter. It gives our team insights into what our industry is experiencing and how that will impact our clients and their members. 2018 ended on a high note, and we are seeing a strong start to 2019. Here are some notable KPIs from the report:

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Disintermediation: Time to End the Conversation

Disintermediation is a very sophisticated-sounding word that we might feel smart for using but is one that I think should be retired from the lexicon of the retail investment program space. I can share data and personal success stories proving that not only can financial institutions and investment programs peacefully co-exist, but investment programs actually provide a tremendous benefit to banks and credit unions. If you still aren’t quite convinced, you need only consider the huge impact the baby boomer generation will have on your business.

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The 5 Most Popular LenderHub Blog Posts from 2015

It's hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close, and that in a few days, we will be kicking off a new year. It's been a great year for us here on the LenderHub, and we hope that you have enjoyed reading our content as much as we have enjoyed writing and sharing it with you. In case you missed any of our posts, here is a recap of our five most popular posts from 2015. Enjoy!

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3 Things Every Credit Union Should Know About Benefits Pre-funding

To say that employers have had a difficult task in planning for employee health benefits is an understatement. Between the landmark passage of the Affordable Care Act, the increasing costs of benefits, and the residual effects of a recession, today’s health care spectrum has become riddled with complexities and unprecedented challenges.

Like many other employers, credit unions aren’t immune to these economic concerns, specifically the rising costs of benefits. According to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Education Trust, the average annual premium for employer-provided family health care coverage in 2014 was $16,834, which is about 69% higher than the average of $9,950 from 2004. Not to mention, these increasing costs are being aggravated by another challenge: falling investment returns.

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Blended Learning: The Evolution of the Classroom

Before the Internet forever changed civilization, the only way to complete a course or receive training was in the classroom—also known as traditional learning.

Over the years, the landscape of learning has dramatically evolved, with technology enabling us to learn anytime, anywhere from a computer or a mobile device. As a result, blended learning programs were born, allowing us to create meaningful, real-world learning processes for all types of learners.

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A Real Wizard's Lesson on Long-Term Contracts

Steve is in his 60’s and stands more than 6’5”. He has white, wild hair, but is bald on top. His voice is deep and booming as he leans back in his chair and gestures with huge hands high above his head. His white mustache dances as he laughs. His wink lets you know he is glad to share his knowledge.

I often described him as a wizard. 

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How to Successfully Navigate a Merger or Acquisition

Day after day I read about financial institutions of all sizes merging and acquiring one another. It happens so frequently that it almost seems commonplace—like merging two companies is not that big of a deal anymore. But, from my own experience, I know that's not the case. 

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