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Find Out How Texans Credit Union Created Non-Interest Income Growth of 17.89%

How-Texans-Credit-Union-Created-Non-Interest-Income-Growth-of-17.89_body image.jpgIt’s not uncommon for a company to find itself running on a different track than the one on which it started. When that happens, it may not be so easy to change course. Texans Credit Union found themselves in this exact situation and with the help of SWBC, they managed to refocus and find success.

Texans Credit Union found themselves focusing strongly on business and commercial banking, and realized they had lost their focus on consumer accounts and the member experience. They partnered with SWBC in 2012 to amplify the services offered to their members, including credit life and disability insurance.

To learn the product and understand how to address members’ needs, Texans’ employees get quarterly training. Offering credit insurance to their borrowers has become a key element for Texans Credit Union to support their membership and generate income – all while staying true to their core philosophies.

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