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How to Avoid a #TotalFail when Hiring an Intern

Hiring good help shouldn’t be difficult. Okay, clarification—it shouldn’t be too difficult. But, the same can be said for someone seeking employment—that finding a position and a company that meets his/her needs should be child’s play. Why, you ask? At the end of the day, a company and hiring manager should know what they want and need in an employee, and likewise, an individual seeking employment should know what they’re looking to gain from their experience with a company.

What's more is that interns looking for internships—and companies looking to hire interns—need to ensure that the unique considerations that surround an internship (i.e., flexible schedules, limited availability, short-term tenure) be taken into full consideration for this niche opportunity.

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What Grandma's Cooking Can Teach Us about Better Business Performance

When it comes to better business performance, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite fables about a generation of women whose ham recipe not only brings a few laughs, but also illustrates a valuable lesson.

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Five Stupid Human Tricks Guaranteed to Make Your Business Fail

If you have seen a segment called ‘Stupid Human Tricks’ on David Letterman’s Late Show, you may have noticed quite a bit of people who are happy to showcase their special talent to a nationwide audience. Their goal is to gain exposure and capture that elusive 15 minutes of fame.  Some of the more entertaining videos are posted on Youtube, and, quite often, they become subjects of break room conversations  across the nation the next morning at the office. 

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