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Lessons from Retirement Industry Litigation

If your organization offers a retirement plan to your employees, you assume fiduciary responsibility and that opens you up to a number of risks, including legal action. When you’ve worked in the retirement plan business as long as I have, you can’t escape the occasional breaking news story of a well-meaning company facing litigation involving their company retirement plan. The catalyst for action is usually a disgruntled former employee going to an attorney.

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What Are Your Company's Obligations as a Retirement Plan Sponsor?

For job seekers, a strong economy and low unemployment numbers have created an environment in which they hold the upper hand in hiring and salary negotiations. As a result, many have begun asserting their right to “hold out” for the best offer.

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Department of Labor Fiduciary Ruling: 5 Things You Need to Know

The Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Ruling is good news for employers and their employees. The primary benefit of the new legislation is that investment professionals that offer investment recommendations for retirement plans will be held to the fiduciary standards as defined by ERISA.

While you may believe your existing investment advisor has served in this role, this is less common than most employers would think. Use the five questions listed below to confirm that you are taking advantage of the protections offered by the new legislation.

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Recruit, Retain, Retire: The Employee Lifecycle

As a business, you have numerous responsibilities when it comes to your employees. You hire them, train them, compensate them, and each of those tasks comes with several other associated tasks. Often times, those tasks also come with a lot of paperwork.

Today, I'd like to bypass the majority of responsibilities you have as an employer and focus on three key areas that are critical to your bottom line.

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The 4 Items You Should Request in an Investment Advisory Services Request for Information

When it comes to choosing a prospective investment advisor for your employees' retirement plan, thoroughly investigating the potential advisor and performing comprehensive due diligence of their firm should be a formal step in your search.

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