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What You Need To Know About Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance

Some things in life require a starter phase to get acclimated to a situation. New to homeownership? You get a starter home. New to driving? You get a starter car. Heck, even dinner sometimes has a starter course.

For borrowers getting life insurance for the first time, you bet there is product for that!

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6 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Type of Life Insurance

There are a number of life insurance products out in the market, and you may be overwhelmed with the options available to you. More importantly, there may be a number of them that seem foreign to you. Just remember, while the intricacies of each life insurance product or policy may be different, the basic purpose of life insurance is all the same. Life insurance was designed to leave a lump sum of money behind when you die.

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Protect Your Asset Accumulation with Life Insurance

Many Americans work the majority of their life toward securing a high value of asset accumulation. They often set specific goals for specific pools of money to fund different initiatives, with the intention to use it for their future, their children's future, or to leave behind a legacy.  

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4 Reasons You Should not be Skeptical about Life Insurance

According to a study conducted in 2011 by LIMRA, a worldwide research, consulting, and professional development organization that focuses on the insurance and financial services industry, four out of ten Americans do not have a life insurance policy. 

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3 Reasons You Should Supplement Your Employer-Provided Life Insurance

"I already have life insurance through work."

"I don't have to pay for my insurance through my job."

"I'm not planning on leaving my job anytime soon, so I should be okay for right now."

These are all common defenses that have been made by working Americans that have an existing life insurance policy provided through their employer. 

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How to Get a Greater Return on Your Life Insurance Investment

Did you know

Four in 10 Americans have no life insurance—at all. That startling statistic takes into account even employer-based life insurance. In today's environment, we are seeing the lowest level of life insurance ownership in 50 years. According LIMRA, only 44% of the total US adult population owns an individual policy.

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Lock in Lower Life Insurance Rates While You Still Can

So, you've landed your dream job, are getting married, and the thought of raising children is not farfetched. Everything in life is coming together. And while these are some of the happiest times of your life, it is not a bad idea to plan for some of the worst, death. No one wants to think of a premature death, but since it's a possibility, let's discuss why you should lock in lower life insurance rates while you still can. Rates for life insurance are primarily based on three elements—age, health, and gender. 


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The Salary of a Stay-At-Home Spouse Revealed

You've probably heard it a thousand times before: life insurance should be secured for every working member of your family, but have you ever stopped to consider if the term "working" should be taken literally?

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Why Purchasing Life Insurance Should Be an Easy Decision

Let's be honest. No one wants to have to use their insurance policy. Ever. If you're presented with a situation in which you must use it, that usually means that you've experienced some sort of loss and you're attempting to be made whole again; that holds true for whatever type of insurance is the topic at hand—home, auto, or life. Life insurance, however, is easier than you would imagine.

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Making Sense of Life Insurance for the Single and Dependent(less)

One of the biggest misconceptions about life insurance is that it’s only a suitable solution for someone that may leave behind a spouse and/or children after they pass away. The reality of the situation is that life insurance is a product appropriate for everyone, even if you are single and have no children.

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