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Life Insurance Across the Generational Divide

Life insurance should be a part of everyone's financial plan. Whether you are a young millennial starting your career and family, or a baby boomer making plans for retirement and taking care of your legacy, life insurance offers peace of mind and protection for your loved ones.

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How Quitting Smoking Can Impact Your Life Insurance Premium

For nearly half a century, the Surgeon General has been warning the public about the dangers of smoking, and for good reason. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, accounting for more than 480,000 deaths every year, or about 1 in 5 deaths.”1

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Top Reasons to Get Life Insurance

Think you don’t need life insurance? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a 2018 study, 4 out of 5 Americans without life insurance believe they don’t need coverage.1 The truth is, you could leave your loved ones at financial risk without a policy in place to protect them if you pass away. Play our game below to discover some of the top reasons to get life insurance.

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6 Must- Do's When Naming Your Life Insurance Beneficiary

Are you one of the 62% of Americans that has life insurance coverage? If you answered 'yes,' congratulations and job well done! You have taken a proactive step in securing the future of your loved ones in the event of your untimely death. Life insurance should be a part of everyone's financial plan.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Sweet, sweet summertime! We love spending time outdoors during this time of year, especially with our furry friends. While you’re enjoying the sunshine, keep a close eye on your pet—the heat may affect your fur baby more than you realize! Here are some tips to make sure your pets are protected from the intense summer sun.

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Back to Basics with Life Insurance

Life insurance should be a part of everyone's financial plan. Whether you are young and healthy or more seasoned with a family, life insurance offers peace of mind and protection for your loved ones. While it may not be comfortable to think about our inevitable death, as the old saying goes, the only thing certain about life is death and taxes!

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What to Expect During Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Congratulations, you have successfully completed and submitted your life insurance application! So, what’s next? There’s a lot that goes into buying life insurance and many times, a life insurance medical exam is one of those items. Like any exam, being prepared can help eliminate those exam-day jitters. Your exam results will help an insurer determine if you qualify for a life insurance policy and if so, how much the final premium may cost you.

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Millennials: Why Purchasing Disability and Life Insurance Is a Smart Move

As a young adult, there are endless demands for your limited funds . . . rent/mortgage, student loans, homeowners/renters insurance, auto insurance, utilities . . . the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, you've got to get used to it, because those demands are all part (one of the bad parts!) of being a responsible adult. Other parts of adulthood include ensuring you're protected financially if you're unable to work and protecting your family members from bills upon your death.

You probably think disability and death aren't topics you need to concern yourself with at this age. However, plenty of us think that same way and unfortunately are proven very wrong.

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3 Financial Items to Review After You Say 'I Do'

You've walked down the aisle. You've said your I dos. You've enjoyed your honeymoon. Now life starts settling down as Mr. and Mrs. But before you get too comfortable, let’s talk about the thing no one wants to talk about—life insurance.

It may sound a little morbid, especially considering you've just enjoyed some of the best moments of your life, but as difficult and unsettling as the topics are, death and life insurance must be addressed. Joining two lives as one presents the perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to discuss what would happen if one of you died prematurely. 

You should put a plan in place, and here’s how you can do it.

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Common Life Insurance Rider Policies

Life insurance is a complex topic that takes many different considerations into mind. First, you need to figure out what the appropriate amount of coverage is for you. Next you must determine what type of policy fits your needs. Many types of life insurance policies offer various add-ons, also known as "riders," that may be tacked on to your policy to provide you with additional benefits. 

Not all life insurance riders make sense for every individual and not all policies provide every type of rider. Check out our list below for some of the most common riders today. Are any of them appropriate for you?

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