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The Top 5 Most Popular LenderHub Posts: 2016 Edition


We can say a lot about 2016—some of it good, some not so great. In 2016, pop icon, Prince passed away, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a motion picture, Michael Strahan left Live with Michael and Kelly to join Good Morning America, boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, passed away, Britain voted to leave the European Union (a.k.a Brexit), Pokemon Go was "a thing," the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, and Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, among many other great and terrible things.

Here at the LenderHub, we've had a great year producing content that helps our lender clients and partners gain valuable insights to run lean, mean financial institutions that operate efficiently and provide their borrowers with the best service. To close out the year, we wanted to share a rundown of 2016's most popular LenderHub blog posts in case you missed them. Enjoy!

1. A Credit Union Man: Part 1

VP of Sales, Jim Ryan, was raised around the credit union business because of his father's career in credit unions. He has a unique understanding of the special role that credit unions play in local communities, and because of his business background, he also knows what credit unions must do to succeed. In Part 1 of his series, he discusses three ways that credit unions can increase efficiency, and ultimately better serve their communities. 

Part 2 and Part 3 of his series also contain valuable and insightful advice for credit union leaders. 

2. What Repossession Really Costs Your Institution

No lender ever really wants to repossess their borrower's automobile, but unfortunately, in the lending business, sometimes this is inevitable. Repossession is a lose-lose for both the lender and the borrower, but have you considered the true cost of repossession? Karen Townsend, Asset Recovery Program Manager, discusses three costs you may have overlooked when it comes to repossessing your borrowers' vehicles. 

3. 4 Tips for Being a More Effective Leader

Being a leader is not always easy. It comes with great responsibility, and while there is no perfect science to being a 'good' leader, CEO of our Financial Institution Group, Mark Hein, provides four great tips to help any leader—whether seasoned or new—be more effective.

4. Engage Indirect Borrowers in 4 Simple Steps

Indirect lending is a key component of many lenders' auto loan portfolios. By partnering with local dealerships, lenders can grow their auto loan portfolio with very little impact to their front line staff. However, with a few simple steps, you can turn disengaged borrowers into fully engaged customers who will look to you when they have additional banking needs. Check out this blog post to learn how you can turn a "one and done" indirect loan transaction into a full-fledged banking relationship.

5. The Kindergarten Compliance Rulebook for Credit Unions: Part 1

John Lewis, president of Find John Doe, a nationally recognized Skip Tracing firm, and Intellaegis, founders of the masterQueue collection, compliance, skip tracing, and recovery management platform, was kind enough to guest blog for us in 2016. With John's vast experience in the collection and asset recovery industry, he has a wealth of knowledge about the challenges credit unions are facing when it comes to compliance and a shifting regulatory environment. In Part 1 of his mini-series, John gives credit unions a roadmap for overcoming compliance strategies, and it all starts with getting back to the basic principles we all learned in kindergarten. Part 2 can be found here.     

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