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A Road Map for the New Year

Many of us, this time of year, reflect upon our successes and challenges of the past year. Though it’s been said, “you can’t change the past,” we can learn from it and use what we learned as a road map for the coming year. It’s a great time to clear out the cobwebs, start fresh, and ensure your road map is leading you toward your destination…success! Some things to consider as you design your road map are: Set Goals, Perform Actions, and Change Behaviors!

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Essentials for Successful Telephone and Email Sales

Technology has had a major impact on many industries and the financial services industry has certainly not gone unaffected. The future is here now and the financial footprint has become global. To ensure a share of market, it’s vital to prepare ourselves to maximize multiple delivery channels and telephone and email are two of those. There are two thoughts regarding building customer relationships and selling products/services over the telephone and email:

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Why I Use a Rubber Band to Measure Success

A rubber band, you ask? What does a rubber band have to do with measuring success? Well, in my opinion, everything.

Take a moment to absorb this. Pick up a rubber band and stretch it out to its capacity, then (stand clear) let one end of the rubber band go and what happens? It snaps back to its original form and hopefully, you don’t knock your eye out! Don’t we tend to do the same? We have a goal in sight, set out on a plan, complete the actions to achieve success and then WHAM…something happens; a roadblock, a change, a temporary setback, and we let go of the rubber band and fall right back to where we started! So, what did we accomplish? Nothing!

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Transacting Versus Conversing: Open the Door to Opportunities You're Missing Today 

How often do we spend time with a customer and only complete their requested transaction? Have you considered that you could be missing out on offering additional financial solutions?

Having a conversation may lead to additional financial success for your customer; however, I'm not suggesting that you just “talk” without truly having a two-way conversation. If you end each transaction with, “is there anything else I can assist you with today?” or “have I been able to help you with what you needed today?” that may be a service-friendly way to end the transaction; however, what if your customer doesn't know that they need anything else? 

It’s our responsibility as financial service providers to “have a conversation” and determine what other financial needs our customers have.

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Hate Rejection? Here are 5 Strategies to Overcome Being Told "No"

When you offer products and services, one of the biggest obstacles you're faced with—often on a daily basis—is addressing objections. Hearing 'no' is a typical part of the job. You have to be prepared and on the offensive to face and overcome being told 'no.'

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