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    Marketing & Sales | 1 min read

    [Quiz] What Decade Is Your Sales Style?

    We are all very familiar with the stereotypical salesperson: Aggressive, money-hungry, over-the-top personality who will tell you anything to get you out the door with the product he or she is peddling. But in the past few decades, as society has caught on to the cunning tactics of salespeople, sales culture has experienced a shift in paradigm toward a more trusting, educational variety of sales.

    In the credit union space, this is even more so the case as the credit union movement is based largely upon transparency and member relationships. Lending products that truly benefit the member and a sales staff that understand those products become essential in the growth of an institution. This means that the primary approach of a credit union salesperson is to understand the member’s needs and then relate the benefits of certain point of sale products. Of course, a little swagger in the process never hurt anyone!

    Check out the quiz below to see what decade your sales style channels! 


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    Marketing & Sales

    Andrew Lenz

    As a Sales and Marketing Coordinator for the Financial Institution division, Andrew works closely with the sales team and product experts to educate prospective clients on a wide variety of lending products and services. Prior to SWBC, he was a Graduate Associate for UTSA’s Center for Student Professional Development, where he worked with undergraduates to promote career advancement. Andrew earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Rhetoric and Writing from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013. He also completed the Business Foundations Program with High Distinction through UT’s McCombs School of Business and is currently pursuing an MBA at UTSA.

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