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    Collections Outsourcing | 1 min read

    Is the recession economy stressing your collections queues?

    Financial institutions are bracing for the probable recession that’s on the horizon. In board rooms and meetings across the financial industry, executives and their teams are trying to find answers to questions, including:

    • How will our collections teams adapt to a borrower portfolio that’s experiencing wallet strain?
    • How can we quickly respond to changing delinquency queues without impacting our staffing?
    • How do we optimize our collections outreach communication so we’re more effective at collecting on past-due accounts?
    • Overall, what does risk management look like at my financial institution during a recession?

    In SWBC’s latest white paper, Modernizing Your Collections Operations, our team focuses on identifying the economic factors that are the driving force behind unstable collections queues. We also examine how two credit unions tackled stressful collections situations that required them to become more flexible to adapt to their borrowers’ evolving needs.

    Watch below to learn more about what’s in the white paper and be sure to download your copy, today!

    Modernizing Your Collections Operation

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    Collections Outsourcing

    Jeff Mortenson

    Jeff Mortenson is VP/client relations for AutoPilot® services. Jeff is primarily responsible for client relations surrounding SWBC's financial institution group's AutoPilot services; a suite of risk and account management services designed for financial institutions that want to more effectively manage the way they interact with consumers.

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