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How One Financial Institution Increased Their Payment Transactions By 43%

how-one-financial-institution-increased-payment-transactions-body image.jpgWhen a financial institution expands its products and services in one area, the residual effect in other parts of the institution likely requires a reaction. This was the case at USALLIANCE Financial. Their team saw rapid growth as a result of increased indirect lending efforts, which required the team to react to their members' needs. The need to support these new borrowers with an effective loan pay platform became a challenge for USALLIANCE.

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"AutoPilot Payments has allowed us to better service our members through the multi-channel use of our website, digital channels, and contact center."

– Kristi Kenworthy, Assistant Vice President of eCommerce, USALLIANCE Financial

USALLIANCE sought out a loan payments partner that aligned with their institution's goals of providing innovative financial solutions as consumer expectations change, while providing extraordinary service throughout. USALLIANCE selected SWBC's Electronic Cash Management (ECM) product to support their institution's payment processing needs. With SWBC's ECM product, USALLIANCE received access to AutoPilot® software, which allows borrowers to make their loan payments via phone or through digital channels.

To read the details of how USALLIANCE Financial put SWBC's Payments platform to work, click below to download the case study.

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