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How Lenders Will Be Impacted by the 2016 Election Results


For most Americans, the last year of campaign slogans, attack ads, debates, and social media rants has been exhausting. No matter what side of the aisle you sit, emotions have been—and remain—high. For many business and financial institution leaders, our post-election inboxes and news streams have been flooded with predictions about how a Trump presidency will impact business growth, regulatory change, and the overall economy.

Change is exciting, particularly around this time of the year as one year is coming to an end and a new is beginning. For many people, it’s exciting to think about the growth and change that often accompanies a new year. However, before lenders or businesses start celebrating lax regulations or a potential economic boom, my advice is to hang tight. The fact is, unless your tarot cards are incredibly accurate, no one really knows how the election results will play out once the dust settles. There is still a massive amount of uncertainty, and we all know just how fickle consumers and our economy can be.

Change is definitely coming—President-elect Trump will name a new staff, he has been outspoken about repealing the Dodd-Frank financial reform law and the Affordable Care Act, and he will have the opportunity to fill the vacant U.S. Supreme Court seat, among other things. The question is how will these changes impact lenders? And the answer is: who knows!?!

It’s too soon to jump to conclusions or make plans based on potential legislative changes or economic fluctuations—good or bad. For now, lenders should sit tight, continue to do the right thing for their borrowers, and let the chips fall where they may.

So in a nutshell, my advice is, sit back, enjoy the holidays, and let things fall into place. Things will certainly fall, but how they will fall is still a mystery.



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