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    Credit Union Industry Stats and Performance Trends: Q4 2018

    I look forward to CUDATA.COM’s statistics and trends report each quarter. It gives our team insights into what our industry is experiencing and how that will impact our clients and their members. 2018 ended on a high note, and we are seeing a strong start to 2019. Here are some notable KPIs from the report:

    • The Net Interest Spread continues to grow as the Yield on Earning Assets outpaces the Cost of Interest Bearing Liabilities.

    • The average ROA for all credit unions is 0.92%.

    • The average ROA for credit unions greater than $500M is 1.01%.

    • Total Revenue Growth rate was 12.02%.

    • Net Income for the credit union industry grew substantially in 2018.

    • Credit Union membership continues to grow at a rate of 4.4%.

    • Asset growth remains positive but has slowed from a high of 7.4% in Q4 2016 to 5.4% in Q4 2018.

    • Auto loan originations continued to grow but at a slower rate year-over-year.

    • Average loan-to-deposit ratio climbed to 85.5%, which is reflective of the strong, but slowing loan demand.

    • Loan delinquency continues to improve with net charge-offs remaining stable.

    • Deposit growth is still positive, but the growth rate has slowed to 5.2%.

    • Net Interest Spread Trends:

      • Yield on average loans 4.71%

      • Yield on earning assets 4.03%

      • Net interest spread 3.21%

      • Yield on average investments 2.04%

      • Cost of funds 0.82%

    To view the full report, click here

    In summary, the credit union industry is growing and gaining market share, while decreasing the number of credit unions through consolidations in an effort to increase efficiencies. Loan growth is still positive, although the growth rate has slowed slightly year-over-year. Delinquencies continue to improve and there is nothing on the economic horizon to indicate this positive trend will not continue throughout the remainder of 2019. 

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    Michael Dippo

    As Senior Vice President of Automotive Products, Michael works closely with our Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) carriers to manage existing CPI programs and develop new coverages for our clients. He is responsible for underwriting, corrective action, skip tracing, and asset recovery as they pertain to our CPI and blanket VSI products.

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