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Channel Your Inner Salesperson

channel-your-inner-salespersonMany people despise the typical salesperson. If I were to ask the average person walking down the street if they were in sales, I'd probably hear a resounding and collective, "NO!" And guess what my response would be: "Oh, you're not?  Well, I hate to break it to you, but we are all in sales. Nothing happens until something is sold."

That's important so I'll say it again: nothing happens until something is sold! It's no secret, sales people have received a bad reputation over the years; and in all honesty, it may have been warranted at times. Ask someone how they feel about car salesmen, insurance salesman, or even a kitchen knife salesmen, and you will probably see their nose turn up or a grimace appear on their face. I can't tell you how many times I've heard,

"Oh my goodness, I hate sales!  There is no way I would ever consider selling in any capacity!"

Nothing happens until something is sold

As you're reading this blog on your laptop, desktop computer, hand-held device, tablet, or even printed out on paper, I want you to consider the fact that someone had to engage in a sales situation to deliver the medium that is allowing you to read these words. SWBC had to purchase the technology, hardware, services, and storage space from multiple salespeople in order to get this piece of content into your proverbial hands. Sales was a central component in providing this communication opportunity.

Here's the honest truth: you are also involved in sales. We all are selling something every day. What are you selling? Think about it this way; even if you aren't selling products or services, each day you get up and you sell yourself! By the way, you have a monopoly on the market with this product. Wow, what an opportunity to sell! Why did your current employer hire you? You probably did a great job of selling yourself at some point during the interview, right? When you first got your driver's license, did your parents let you take the car out for the first time because they like you, or did you sell them on the fact that you were trustworthy and would bring their wheels back in the same shape as when you drove off?


Every individual on Earth is unique—their smile, appearance, voice, energy, belief, values, and ability. Every day you're selling one or more of these traits to someone. "First impression is a lasting impression." I love that statement. Before you go to bed at night, think about you—and the product of you. How will you deliver and sell yourself tomorrow as you go through your day? The first impression of your product—YOU—with the monopoly you hold in your daily life, should be sold with a passion. Will you channel your inner salesperson to advance your position in life based on someone buying your smile, appearance, voice, energy, belief, values and ability?

Plan your work, and work your plan! Nothing happens until something is sold. Remember when you start your day to sell your value! If it is your smile, personality or action, sell it! You might not realize it, but you're a salesperson! What a great opportunity you have each day to sell and have a positive impact on your surroundings! Heck, maybe you should consider a sales profession as a career!

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