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Recent Posts

How to Achieve Big, Balanced, and Sustainable Auto Loan Growth

Lending is a vital component of your business, and you simply can’t afford to lose valuable loans to competitors. Effective lending strategies combined with a well-trained and engaged staff can and should deliver immediate, significant and sustainable double digit loan portfolio growth across all product lines year after year.

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Due Diligence for Loan Participation Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

In our last post, we discussed the benefits of utilizing participation loans. A loan participation is an instrument that allows multiple lenders to participate or share in the funding of a loan.

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The 6 Benefits of Using Participation Loans

Loan participation programs have gained popularity in the financial institution space in the last five years. As of Q3 2012, more than 1,300 financial institutions were utilizing these programs. Financial institutions with more than $1 billion in assets are the most active in the market, with approximately 70% of those institutions utilizing participation loans.

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