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John Lewis

John Lewis is President of Find John Doe, a nationally recognized Skip Tracing firm, and Intellaegis, founders of the masterQueue® collection, compliance, skip tracing, and recovery management platform that’s used by some of the largest lenders and vendors in Auto Finance. Intellaegis is also a founding partner in RepoRoute, a repossession routing platform intended to help the repossession industry more efficiently route assignments for repossession by using predictive analytics, and it helps lenders maintain compliance over who is repossessing their vehicles. John started his career in auto finance as a repossessor for Chrysler Credit in 1982. In 1988, he and his business partner (and wife of 26 years) Perla started one of the first skip tracing companies in the US; Skipbusters, and then they founded Crown Auto Recovery in 1990, River City Auto Recovery in 1993 and American Recovery Service, the first Repossession Forwarding company, in 1994.

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