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A Deeper Look Into the Appraiser Shortage

The shortage of appraisers has been an ongoing concern within the real estate industry. According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey conducted last year, there are three major factors resulting in the appraiser shortage.

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The Yellow Brick Road to a Happy Customer

The Yellow Brick Road. It would be rare to come across someone who was unfamiliar with this famous path. The one made of golden bricks where a young girl with ruby red slippers embarked on a journey to see the Wizard to help her return home.

While lessons were learned along the way, this young girl was advised to follow this road because it would lead to good things. Much like the sales journey, there is a path you should followed that leads to happy customers. Lessons will be learned along this journey, and the knowledge gained can be used for future customer interactions.

Your sales team takes on a lot of responsibilities, but taking this road—before, during, and after a sale—will lead them to happy customers.

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Why Engaging In Social Media is Beneficial To Your Financial Institution

It’s no secret that social media has made its way into millions of Americans’ everyday lives. And, now it’s also making a huge impact in the world of business. In fact, according to ThinkAdvisor, 90% of affluent consumers use social media, and 44% of these users engage with financial institutions specifically. These numbers have great potential to grow and offer new opportunities for financial institutions to improve their bottom line. Here are some reasons why financial institutions can benefit from utilizing social media:

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Three Simple Tips to Retaining Your Customers

Obtaining new customers is part of a successful business. And, as most business professionals know, it’s not always an easy task, often costing a significant amount of time and money. The price of direct mail, print/online advertisements, or a cold calling campaign can easily chip away thousands of dollars from your budget. In fact, according to Forbes, attracting new customers will cost your company five times more than keeping an existing customer.

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