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Take Advantage of Greater Retirement Account Contributions in 2019

If saving more for retirement is one of your new year's resolutions (and it probably should be, for all of us), you're in luck: the U.S. government is allowing for greater maximum savings rates in 2019. Here are the details of your new limits.

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The Balancing Act: Responsible Credit Usage or Debt

Managing personal finances can be tricky. Between rising mortgage rates, student loans debt, and increasing credit card debt it's no surprise Americans are racking up high debt levels.

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The Impact of Tax Law Changes to 529 College Savings Plans

It's not often in life that we hear news that saves us (instead of costs us) money, so we need to take advantage of those limited opportunities when they arrive! Recently, the new tax law changes have provided a few chances to save, such as adjustments to the rules for 529 college savings plans.

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Invest According to Your Values

If you're looking to both invest your money for growth and make a difference in the world, you're in luck: socially responsible investing is not an oxymoron! Investing in socially conscious companies is possible and increasing in popularity, with Bloomberg recently reporting that almost 85% of millennials list socially responsible investing as an important personal finance goal.

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Federal Income Tax Update 2018: How Will it Affect Me?

As you may have heard, the U.S. government recently signed off on a tax reform bill, and some of the changes are pretty big! To help you understand what to expect and what is likely to impact you personally, here is an explanation of the changes that will affect the average American the most.

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How Charitable Giving Can Impact Your Tax Bill

Donating to charity can provide us with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. While helping worthy organizations and individuals is the true reason most people choose to give to charity, donations allow you to enjoy some charity from the U.S. government as well. Here's a guide to making the most of charitable-giving tax breaks from the federal government.

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How Working Past Full Retirement Age Affects Your Social Security Benefit

Ah, retirement . . . when we can stop keeping a dictated schedule and are able to arrange our days as we please. Even better, once we hit a certain age, the government pays us back each month for all the years we paid into the social security system.

We always hear that it's smart to continue working, at least part-time, as long as possible. What you may not know is how your social security benefits may be affected if you work while you collect social security.

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5 Situations that Demand the Expertise of a Financial Advisor

How do you know when you can attempt a job yourself or when you should call an expert? As with auto or home repair projects, some jobs are best left to the experts, like different levels of financial management tasks. Here are five situations where it may be wise to get guidance from a financial advisor:

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Social Security Spousal "File and Suspend" Ends April 30, 2016

Ah, the good old days...when companies paid for their workers' retirement and married couples could cash in on larger spousal social security payments. Between the demise of traditional pensions and the higher age requirement for social security, it seems like we face an uphill battle when planning our retirement. And, now there's another bump in the road: the end of social security "file and suspend" for spousal benefits.

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