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Homebuying 101: Should You Rent or Sell Your Existing House?

In most cases, when buying and moving into a new home, homeowners sell their existing home. This allows them to collect the equity and funds from the sale, apply those to the new purchase, and make a clean break from anything that might go wrong at the old house. However, there is another option that can work well in certain situations: retaining an existing home and renting it out.

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Home Selling Myths Revealed

When it's time to sell your home, you're in an exciting period with a large list of tasks to accomplish. Unfortunately, you may have gotten some bad advice through the grapevine over the years. How do you know which tips to act on and which to ignore in this limited time frame? We're here to help with a list of common home selling misconceptions and corrected advice. Use these guidelines for an easier and more profitable experience when selling your home.

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Homebuying Myths Revealed

Sometimes, the housing market can feel like a jungle. Some of you have been on the hunt for months, searching through a forest of homes that hopefully are within your budget, but nothing has really caught your eye or even met half of the items on your preferences list. You're also having a tough time understanding what questions you should be asking your real estate professional and mortgage loan officer, what you should expect, and what you're required to do in the homebuying process. You're not even sure what you can afford, and now you feel like you're running around in circles. 

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The Top 5 Most Popular PersonalHub Posts: 2016 Edition

New years often bring new resolutions. If you've resolved to get your personal finances in order, you came to the right place! Here were the most popular financial planning posts from our PersonalHub blog in 2016.

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Manage Your Money Like a Pro with 7 Financial Apps

When it comes to your money, it pays to be organized. Sometimes, literally. Why not put technology to work for you to make financial management easier? Here are some smartphone apps that make easy work of creating a budget, tracking your spending, and accumulating savings. Unless otherwise noted, the apps below are available for Apple iOS and Android phones.

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