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    4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Home and Boost Curb Appeal

    Who doesn't love a clean, organized home? Here are a few tips that almost every homeowner can take advantage of to make the most out of their spring-cleaning efforts and reap the benefits all year long!

    1. Make Sure Your Ceiling Fans Are Working Properly

    When your fan starts squeaking in the middle of the night or begins to sound like it’s going to wobble off the ceiling, it’s time to investigate the cause. Ceiling fans can be an easy fix, as long as you know what you’re looking for without having to hire a handyman. Repairing a broken ceiling fan can ensure that it’s functioning properly and is doing its job correctly—keeping a room cool and air flowing properly.

    However, if you discover issues with the fan’s motor or you continue to have problems after you’ve attempted repair, finding a replacement is the next best option. Installing a ceiling fan is something you can do yourself without the help of a professional. Just be sure that you invest in a quality fan and follow installation instructions properly. With the hot summer days ahead, you’ll be thankful you took the time to tend to your ceiling fans.

    2. Apply Fresh Paint for a “Brand New” Look and Feel

    Painting is an easy, affordable way to refresh your home—inside and out! A fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room and can be done by yourself or with the help of family for a fun DIY project! Focus on a few rooms that are used most often, like the bedroom, bathroom, or living room, and knock them out one at a time. Otherwise, re-painting the entire house at once can turn into a time-consuming and costly project.

    Not only can interior paint give your home that “brand new” feeling but painting the exterior of your home is a great way to boost curb appeal! While painting the exterior of your home can be a bit pricier and is a slower process, it can pay off in the long run. Not only does painting the exterior of your home provide cosmetic improvements, it can also add years of life to your home's exterior by protecting the siding.

    3. Pressure Wash Exterior Surfaces to Boost Curb Appeal

    Using a pressure washer to clean stains and grime that build upon the exterior of your home is a great way to boost curb appeal. However, pressure washing can be a tedious and somewhat difficult task. Before you pick up a machine and start spraying, do your research.

    Be sure to learn how to best treat the type of siding your home has, as well as best practices and safety tips.

    To help you get the most out of your pressure washing. you'll want to consider things like:

    • The direction of the wind that day
    • Material of your home’s siding
    • Wearing proper eye protection
    • Planning your movements to avoid damaging windows or doors

    Pressure washing can certainly be done on your own, but if you aren't 100% confident you can handle this project on your own, hire a professional! A professional power washer may be a bit more costly, but it will relieve you of the worry that you might make a mistake or cause unintended damage to your home.

    4. Spruce Up Your Landscaping

    While most gardeners know that early spring is the ideal time to plant a garden, it's not too late to work on some landscaping! Tearing up old shrubs, weeds, and other pesky plants can give your home a huge facelift.

    Landscaping can be the perfect project you take on yourself and doing so can save you money over hiring a professional. Landscaping requires a little time and patience, and with a few basic yard tools you already have on hand, you can transform your home's curb appeal.

    If you're going to take on landscaping, be sure to research the best plants that will thrive in your area as well as match the exterior of your home.

    Related Reading: 6 Low- Maintenance Plants for Your Home Garden

    There are endless ways you can take spring cleaning to the next level so your home is looking its best and running efficiently all year long. As we mentioned before, if any of these projects seem overwhelming, it's best to call a professional to come and help, or even recruit family and friends to lend a hand!

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