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Part 2: 4 Simple Tips to Winterize Your Home

winterizehomeone_body2In a recent blog post, we provided a few tips on getting your home ready for colder weather. Here are a few more to help you stay warm this winter!

1. Seal doors and windows

This may seem obvious, but small cracks in doors and windows can act as a vacuum and rob your home of warm air without you even knowing it! Before the temperatures get too low, spend time looking at each window and door in your home to be sure that weather stripping is properly installed and windows are closing properly. Take the time to caulk around your windows to make sure that warm air isn’t escaping and cold air isn’t blowing through hidden cracks.

2. Change the curtains

Thicker curtains are a good way to insulate your windows and sliding glass doors. Consider installing blackout or thermal curtains. When they’re closed, these curtains will provide an extra layer of protection by keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Hanging heavier curtains during the winter months will also help keep your energy bills low.

3. Bring out the blankets

Swap your bedding to heavier fabrics like flannel or down when it starts getting colder. These fabrics are much thicker and more heavily insulated than cotton or linen-blends and will keep you cozy throughout the colder nights so you don’t have to get up to turn up the heater at night. You may even sleep better with heavier bedding, allowing you to stay warm and in a deep slumber without getting chilly during the night!

It’s also a good idea to bring out some extra blankets to put on beds, chairs, and sofas. Being able to reach for a nice warm blanket is a soft and comfortable alternative to turning up the heat. They will also add a nice soft touch to your home décor.

4. Stock up on winter supplies

Here are some indispensable cold-weather supplies that you should consider stocking up on—before you need one of the items in an emergency and are snowed in!

Snow shovels: Buy two shovels if you can. One for pushing snow and the other for lifting snow. The different styles make the work faster and also help to save your back from stress. There are even special shovels that allow you to rake the snow off of your roof.

Hand and foot warmers: Get a large box of disposable hand warmers for your hands and feet. Popping these into your boots and mitts before you go out allows you to stay out longer without freezing your fingers or toes off.

Ice Melt: This product is great for dealing with ice-build-up on sidewalks, driveways, and door-steps and is a smart thing to buy for safety reasons. In some cities, an injured person can sue you if they fall on walks located on your property or the city sidewalk in front of your residence that you are responsible for keeping ice-free.

While winterizing your home may be relatively inexpensive, more substantial remodels will cost you a pretty penny. If you want to tackle more projects before winter hits, consider a home renovation loan from SWBC Mortgage.

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