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    Chinese New Year: Good Fortune and Personal Wealth in 2022

    At the stroke of midnight on February 1, fireworks will light up the sky in China marking the beginning of the year of water tiger. Red firecrackers will reignite hopes for prosperity, wealth, happiness, and a fresh start in one’s life.

    The celebration of the Chinese New Year is deep rooted in the country’s history. The 16-day spring festival signals the beginning of spring, and a lengthy vacation for workers to rest as non-essential businesses shut down their operations.

    Just as the New Year in the West, individuals set new goals for themselves to achieve, hope for good luck and fortune, a happier life, and most importantly an increase in financial wealth.

    New Year, Better Financial Health

    Each year, many hope to save money, spend less, and pay down debts. This is common for individuals across the world.

    The start of the new year is often an opportunity to reset and reevaluate one’s expenses in hopes to be better for the upcoming 365 days and so on.

    Some may make resolutions to motivate themselves to work toward their financial goals. Some may uphold traditions to pass good luck among themselves and their loved ones to be prosperous. Others may seek the guidance of experts to move them toward the right direction for financial success.

    Traditions for Good Fortune

    The Chinese New Year, like many holidays, brings with it many traditions—each aimed at enhancing personal wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

    From spring cleaning to exchanging red envelopes with money, each has a significant meaning to enhance and bring forth good fortune.

    The Season of Red

    The Chinese New Year is rich with custom and tradition; one in particular is the color red.

    Throughout the 16-day new year celebrations, the color red floods the cities and towns of China. Stores, homes, and streets are decorated with red lanterns, red spring couplets, and paper cuttings to keep evil away and pray for blessings, longevity, health, and peace.

    Red is highly associated with the Chinese New Year as it is the lucky color of the nation. It exemplifies prosperity and energy—two things needed to ward off evil spirits and negativity, according to Chinese culture.

    The color is ubiquitous during the festival—meant to bring good luck and prosperity to all. Red envelopes, lanterns, clothing, and firecrackers bring the tradition to life.

    Fireworks & Firecrackers

    Like in the West, fireworks and firecrackers are synonymous with new year celebrations.

    In China, billions of firecrackers, wrapped in red—the lucky color—are set off during the spring festival to celebrate new beginnings and invite good fortune.

    According to legend, the explosive sound of firecrackers was used to scare away evil spirits, who might otherwise bring bad luck. The louder the firecracker, the luckier you will be.

    Spring Cleaning

    In the beginning days of the Chinese New Year, it is tradition to perform a thorough cleaning of the home.

    In many cultures, an annual cleaning is typically practiced during the start of the new year—often in the winter or spring, hence the phrase “Spring Cleaning.” It’s a time to clear the clutter in your home, reorganize and remove unnecessary items.

    The cleaning of the home symbolizes sweeping away any bad luck of the remaining year, and ready to receive good luck.

    Lucky Money

    While there are many traditions during the Chinese New Year meant to bring good fortune and prosperity—one of the most significant is the exchange of red envelopes.

    In Chinese culture, giving money in a red envelope is a way of sharing your blessings. This tradition is referred to as “lucky money.”

    The gift of money teaches the receiver the importance of its value. They can save it, pay off debts, or treat themselves. It adds to their personal wealth and prosperity for the new year.

    A Year to Prosper

    Prosperity is defined as a success or state of success, especially financial or material success. It implies success in terms of wealth, health, and happiness.

    Starting the new year on the right foot and setting yourself up for success is essential. The traditions of the Chinese New Year are aimed at ushering in a prosperous year and enhancing wealth, happiness, luck, and longevity—all of which are key elements everyone should be able to enjoy.

    This year in 2022, is a time to financially thrive and prosper. Whether you receive a red envelope with money or not, you can set yourself up for personal wealth. You can also check out the following blog posts for tips on achieving your financial goals in the year of the white tiger:

    Get Real: Attainable Financial New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

    Start 2021 off Right with this Year-End Financial To-Do List

    Invest in yourself and future. Our experts at SWBC are here to help you with the tradition of financially thriving to live a prosperous life.

    恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái) – May you be happy and prosperous!


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