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Living With HeART #LIAM

living-with-heart-bodySeptember is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and every year, we make a concerted effort to educate the public about the importance of life insurance. For many Americans, the idea of securing life insurance can be overwhelming, and 86% of uninsured people over-estimate the cost of life insurance by nearly two times according to LIMRA.1

This year, we teamed up with local San Antonio artists to bring to life the stories of people who have been affected by the presence, or lack thereof, of life insurance. For our first Living with HeART story, we featured Michael Leos. Michael shared the story of losing his stepfather, Alex, and how it impacted him and his mother.

Listen to his story here:


In Part II of Living with HeART, Veronica Ramirez Miller, founder of VRM Studios in San Antonio, put paint to canvas to illustrate the ripple effect losing a loved one can have on a family.

Watch the big reveal here:


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1. https://lifehappens.org/insurance-overview/insurance-for-established-families/


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