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How to Have a Romantic Date Without Breaking the Bank

valentines-day-budget.jpgIt's February, and the 14th is right around the corner--just a heartbeat away. The Valentine's Day Syndicate is following you through the sweet streets of your relationship, attempting to compromise your upcoming date. The pressure to organize the perfect romantic evening for this special day has reached a critical point in your bank account, and expectations are high. But, you don't intend on surrendering all of your cash on this day. So, you'll need to evade the villainous head of the organization, “Mr. Q. Pidd,” at all costs. One shot from him could kill your budget.

It's a tricky task, but you're a frugal field agent who is a part of an economical intelligence agency. And, your training has prepared you to handle this kind of assignment, although it's a killer challenge. You must find ways to have a romantic evening without breaking the bank. Your mission, should you choose to except it, starts now.

Love is floating through the air on an aimless monetary bullet. Over $20 billion is spent on this day and more than 60% of Americans celebrate it, spending between $120 and $150. And, some people spend even more.

The Retail Assassins and the Budget Breakers are in high-speed pursuit of your cash and credit cards. They know that you're after a discount, so they're relentlessly trying to stop you from attaining red roses within a reasonable budget.  In fact, according to CNN, Americans spend almost $2 billion on flowers. Red roses are in high demand on Valentine's Day, so get them the day before because they'll be a lot less expensive. They can also be ordered from a local florist to save on costs for delivery. Also, avoid getting flowers in a box because that sometimes be just as expensive as a full floral arrangement. Be sure to visit sites like Amazon.com or LivingSocial.com to find deals that offer up to 50% off of the regular price.

With cunning skill, you have managed to decrypt the data of secret codes for a list of some romantic things to do on Valentine's Day without breaking the bank. You've really stumbled across some classified information. Let's see what you found:

  • Dine early. Having dinner in the early evening can shave some of the costs from a three to four course meal.

  • Jazz it up. Listening to some local jazz at a high-end cocktail bar can get anyone in the mood and stay light on the pockets.

  • “Infiltrate” social media. By following the Facebook pages and the Twitter handles of some restaurants, you'll be privy to deals and steals before the rest of the public.

  • Relax at a spa with your date. It can be a luxurious way to get pampered and connect. There are all types of deals on Groupon for spa getaways that have a “gentle touch” on your wallet

  • Try an evening cruise. A boat ride is a great way to enjoy the night with your date, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional cruise. And, you can sometimes accent the evening with a sip of champagne.

  • Put the date on ice – A thrifty trip to the local ice rink can be chilly but a great way to warm up to your date. In fact, companions have been known to hold hands as they glide away the evening.

Couples have been known to gift each other with a shiny token of love, but you can always re-purpose an old piece of jewelry by adding a new stone or have a ring or necklace melted into another adornment. The sentiment is priceless.

Fantastic! You made it back to Headquarters with only a few bumps and bruises. You just saved your world of romance and managed to have a wonderful time on an airtight budget. The Agency's director considers you a hero. You have proven yourself to be the best Savings Spy yet. And thanks to you, this mission WAS possible!

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