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    Flood Insurance Resources—What You Need to Know

    In light of recent weather-related events, some of you may be re-evaluating your home's flood insurance coverage. Since flood insurance is not something an average homeowner may be overly concerned with, when determining if your home and family really need it, you probably have many questions that come to mind.

    To help those who may have questions, because you think it's time to have the conversation or were impacted by the disastrous floods, we wanted to pull together some resources to help get you on the right track. Our insurance experts offer up some sage advice about why you should consider adding flood insurance, steps you and your family can take to prepare for a flood, and what to do after a flood occurs. My hope is that you never have to experience the hardships associated with the loss of a home and your valuables due to a catastrophic flood event. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can be ready when life, and nature, decide to throw a curveball.

    1. Are You Prepared for a Flood? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    In a quick, easy to digest infographic, you can learn what factors go into deciding if flood insurance is worth the investment. Flooding isn't just caused by hurricanes—it can also be caused by winter storms, melting snow and ice, or as a result of new construction or bad drainage in your neighborhood—all situations that are beyond your own control. The infographic should help answer some questions about why flood insurance is coverage to consider.

    2. Three Reasons You Should Take Excess Flood Insurance Seriously

    If you are a business owner, not having flood insurance can have a significant impact on the vitality of your small business. Take, for example, Hello Games, a video game development studio southwest of London. Their business flooded due to a river overflowing as a result of heavy rains in the region. All of their computers and equipment, furniture, and even the structural integrity of the building was compromised. Apparently, their insurance company found a loophole and denied their claim. With separate excess flood insurance, the outcome may have fared differently. The destruction of the flood left them with no workstations, and worse, months behind on launching their next product. Take a look at the article to read three reasons how excess flood insurance could help your business.

    3. Recovering from Flood Damage: The How-To Guide

    If you have flood insurance and have experienced flood damage you may be wondering what's next? It may not always be easy, but starting the recovery process is the first step to cleaning up after a flood event. Keep in mind, if you're in an area that experienced major or catastrophic flooding, they may all have the same idea of contacting their insurance company (if they have flood insurance) to start the claim process. Remember to exercise patience, but be assertive when contacting the claims department.

    Have more questions about flood insurance? Contact one of our flood insurance experts today at 866-913-5180.

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