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How Much Should You Save in Your 401 (k)?

Being financially prepared for retirement is a top concern for many Americans. With more people living paycheck-to-paycheck and the cost of living and healthcare costs on the rise, many people struggle with saving for the future. To get an idea of the current savings environment, below are a few key points:

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Bite-Sized Concepts for New Investors

If you’re new to investing, chances are that you’ve been running in to a lot of intimidating information and confusing industry buzz words. As if risking your hard earned money isn’t daunting enough, trying to learn about the DJIA, REIT’s, 401(k)’s, bull markets, and bear markets (oh my!)—is another challenge entirely. It’s enough to make anyone want to throw up their hands and just stash their savings under the mattress!

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5 Must-Listen Podcasts for New Investors

As a new investor, the thought of jumping into the world of investing can be intimidating. You might be struggling with where to start and left with questions like: Should I pay off debt before making my first investment? Should I manage my own investments? What are the risks?

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Plan Now to Fund Healthcare in Retirement

Saving sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement is a challenge for most of us. Sadly, there's another large expense to figure in your retirement calculations: healthcare. While most U.S. citizens are eligible for Medicare coverage at age 65, you'll still have a number of medical expenses to cover after you retire:

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