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    5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Hail Damage

    Most of us have experienced the inconveniences that can come with bad weather, but hail storms can turn into much more than a minor inconvenience—they can become dangerous quickly. Hail, a precipitation made of solid ice, is distinct from sleet, and can do grave damage to property. According to TheWeatherChannel.com, hail storms can occur at any time during the year, but they occur most often between February and July, and it’s usually difficult to predict exactly where a hail storm will hit until about an hour before it occurs. So, how can homeowners protect their homes from hail?

    Conduct Routine Property Maintenance

    One important way to help prevent damage from hail is to make sure your property is well-maintained. Be sure to trim your trees, as during storms with high winds and hail, tree limbs that are unkempt near your home may be more likely to cause damage to your property, as branches can crack, break, and fall. Also, if you have discovered any existing roof damage, whether from wear and tear or from previous weather events, make sure to get the damage repaired. Hail storms can quickly make existing roof damage worse.

    Secure Your Outside Furniture

    All that stellar outdoor furniture you’ve invested in can be pretty pricey, so the last thing you’d want is for it to get damaged or ruined in a hail storm. When you get word of an impending storm, try your best to safely secure all patio/outdoor furniture, trampolines, and any planters, etc. that could do damage or be damaged. Consider putting these items in your garage or inside your home until the storm passes.

    Invest in a Hail/Impact Resistant Roof

    If you are in the situation of needing to purchase a new roof, consider investing in a roof that will hold up especially well to hail storms and other types of impact. These stronger roofs may cost a bit more, but the investment could be worth it to help avoid future storm damage. Additionally, investing in a hail resistant roof will likely get you an extra discount on property insurance policies.

    Take Precautions with Windows

    When you get word of a hail storm headed your way, be sure to take extra precautions with the windows in your home. If your windows have shutters, close them. Inside, also remember to close all blinds, shades, and curtains, as all of these coverings can help protect against broken glass getting into your home. Every little bit helps when a powerful storm blows through!

    Invest in Homeowners Insurance

    Hail storms can bring about great anxiety when it comes to the security of homeowners’ property. Taking practical steps to avoid extensive damage can make a real difference.

    One last important way to protect your home against hail storms is to invest in quality homeowners insurance. SWBC offers affordable homeowners insurance that protects your dwelling as well as your personal possessions.

    Get a free quote today from one of SWBC’s experienced agents! We’ll work to find you the policy that fits your needs and give you the peace of mind that one of your most important investments is protected.

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