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5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

5-Tips-to-Keep-Your-Pets-Safe-in-the-Summer-Heat_bodySweet, sweet summertime! We love spending time outdoors during this time of year, especially with our furry friends. While you’re enjoying the sunshine, keep a close eye on your pet—the heat may affect your fur baby more than you realize! Here are some tips to make sure your pets are protected from the intense summer sun.

Keep them hydrated

Make sure you give your pet cool water every day and check their water bowl throughout the day. You can even include some ice cubes if it’s a particularly hot day! If your pet’s water bowl is outdoors, make sure the water bowl stays in a shaded spot.

Monitor their time outdoors

You may want to skip out on mid-day walks when the sun is at its peak and the ground is especially hot. Mornings and evenings are best, but if you must walk them in the heat make sure you limit their time on asphalt or other hot surfaces because their paw pads can burn! And, if your pet lives outdoors, ensure they have a cooler sheltered area to which they can retreat to get out of the hot sun. Maybe even provide them with a small wading pool as a summer treat!

Don’t leave them in your car

It doesn’t take very long for a car’s interior to heat up dramatically, even if the windows are cracked. Leaving your pet in a car could cause heatstroke or even worse. Plus, it may be illegal in your state.

Groom your pet

Keeping your pet trimmed of excess fur may offer some relief from the heat, but the fur also acts as protection from the sun, so don’t cut off too much! And, if your dog loves to swim, the shorter hair will be much easier on your pool filters.

Know the signs of overheating

It’s important to know what to look for so that you can treat your pet as soon as possible and avoid a full-blown heatstroke. According to Healthy Pets, symptoms may include:

  • Heavy panting

  • Glazed eyes

  • Weakness

  • Increased pulse

  • Vomiting or bloody diarrhea

  • Excessive drooling

These symptoms can lead to serious health issues or even death if heatstroke occurs. Recognizing symptoms at their onset can make all the difference!

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your pets are safe and happy while you soak up the sun. Enjoy these dog days of summer with your pets—just make sure they’re having fun, too!



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