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4 Tips for Acclimating to Your New Normal

4-tips-for-acclimating-to-your-new-normal-bodyFor most, if not all, of us, “normal” looks pretty different these days. Maybe you’re stuck at home with no place to go. Or maybe you’re an essential worker, tasked with the responsibility to work outside your home, even as the world around us all is, in many ways, unrecognizable. Regardless of our individual differences, one thing we all have in common right now is that because the world has changed, our lives have changed, too. So, how can we best adjust to the current state of things? Consider trying these four ways to acclimate to your new normal.

1. Keep some semblance of routine

Although your days may look quite a bit different, it’s important to maintain at least a small sense of stability in your daily schedule. Choose one or two things that you plan to include in your activities every day. Maybe it’s a daily dance party with your kids or a specific time you want to journal or eat lunch. Whatever the activity, a little structure goes a long way in times like this. But remember, no need to be too strict!

2. Stay connected

Being stuck inside and seeing a lot fewer people than you normally do can make us feel pretty isolated. Staying connected, in whatever ways we can, is important. Make time to FaceTime family members, and consider calling a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while. Although you may feel alone, remind yourself that there are people in your life you can reach out to. Staying connected to others helps us experience a much-needed feeling of support!

3. Keep moving

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s definitely worth saying again: staying active makes a world of difference! Part of the “new normal” for most of us is lots of extra time in our homes, and for some of us, more time at home could make it tempting to become more sedentary. But better physical health helps our mind stay healthy, too! Make sure to keep moving. Whether that movement includes a daily walk, doing online workouts in your living room, or jumping rope with your kids in the backyard, staying healthy is key!

4. Give yourself a break

Remember, this is uncharted territory! For some of us, we struggle with the idea that things seem out of sorts. It may feel this way for a while, and the only thing you can do is do your best. Don’t feel obligated to follow any rigid rules. Do what works for you, as long as you’re staying healthy, happy, and safe. We won’t always “get it right,” especially in situations like these. We all learn a little more each day!

Settling into our new normal looks a little different for each of us. Finding ways to adjust can be tough, but in these times of flux, our effort to acclimate is certainly worthwhile!


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