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4 Apps That Support Relaxation and Mental Health

Most of us encounter quite a few stressors in our “normal” daily lives. From challenging work projects to traffic jams and relationship issues, things can be tough. But in our current times, when much of the world we’d grown accustomed to has changed for the foreseeable future, with masks and quarantine, homeschooling and working from home, all the additional stressors can begin to take a significant toll. Relaxation and mental health maintenance are key! And, the good news is, there are several mobile apps that can help provide some much-needed relief. Say goodbye to those pesky stress-induced headaches, and say hello to peace and tranquility. Consider checking out these four apps that support relaxation and mental health!

The Mindfulness App

Meditation can sound a little intimidating, but with the right direction, it can be a great source of stress relief. The Mindfulness App offers the coaching you’ll need to embrace your inner “ohm.” Having trouble sleeping at night or focusing during the day? The guided meditation options like those available in the Mindfulness App can improve your sleep and focus and promote much-needed relaxation. The app offers some free options, including a trial, but for upgraded features, you can also pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. For some, the fee is a small price to pay for added serenity.

MyLife Meditation (Stop. Breathe. Think)

The MyLife Meditation app, formerly known as the Stop, Breathe & Think app, is said to increase positive feelings. Who doesn’t need a little more positivity in their life? The app promotes “mindfulness,” a calm state of focusing on the present moment, and reviewers say the meditation and mindfulness sessions are sure to improve your day and help deliver more restful sleep at night. One other great pro of MyLife Meditation is that there’s a kids version called Stop, Breathe & Think Kids, and parents rave about how helpful it is at bedtime. Taking moments to breathe and seek peace can make a world of difference!


Happify includes games and activities developed through scientific research said to aid in ousting negative thoughts and honing relaxation. If you’re looking to worry less and have more confidence, this behavioral psychology-based app could be just the ticket. Happify has plenty of great content available for free, but you can also pay a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription fee for additional tracks and unlimited access to all meditations and games. For stressful times like these, apps like Happify bring the optimism we’re all looking for!


Finally, Calm is an award-winning app that brings just what you’d expect from its name—the calming peace you’ve been dreaming of. The app uses mindfulness tracks, meditation, and sleep stories to reduce anxiety and stress and boost restful sleep and self-esteem. You’ll even hear some of your favorite celebrities sharing a few of the sleep stories! Whether you’re a beginner in mindfulness and meditation practices or an experienced aficionado, Calm has a variety of offerings that cover all the bases. Check it out for free or subscribe for extra content. Reviewers and critics alike say you won’t regret it!

Stress can be a real burden in our lives, so it’s always useful to find valuable stress-relief tools. Taking advantage of effective apps at your fingertips that support relaxation and mental health could be the daily game changer you’ve been needing!


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