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Creating a Productive Morning Routine

Let’s be real; we’re not all morning people. Most of us wake up feeling groggy, unorganized, and rushed. Wouldn’t it be great to actually enjoy your mornings by building on a routine? I used to be the queen of pressing snooze until one day I got tired of just rolling out of bed and feeling frustrated for the rest of the day. Yes, it feels good to sleep in that extra 15 minutes, but what if you did something productive with that 15 minutes that could change the entire course of your day?

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4 Apps That Support Relaxation and Mental Health

Most of us encounter quite a few stressors in our “normal” daily lives. From challenging work projects to traffic jams and relationship issues, things can be tough. But in our current times, when much of the world we’d grown accustomed to has changed for the foreseeable future, with masks and quarantine, homeschooling and working from home, all the additional stressors can begin to take a significant toll. Relaxation and mental health maintenance are key!

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Take Care of Your Mental Health at Home

Today's blog post is brought to us by our guest blogger, Kimberly VanBuren. Kimberly is a practicing marriage and family therapist that partners with SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group to bring their clients helpful and informative content surrounding mental health.

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