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    Tired of Netflix? Try These Binge-Worthy Hobbies

    In this time when many people are relegated to their homes with a timeline that is completely beyond their control, finding things to fill the time is a must. My husband and I have spent countless evening and weekend hours binging television shows and movies that we had been meaning to catch up on for weeks, months, or even years—just waiting for an opportunity to have more time on our hands. And from tiger kings to funny-named creeks, the viewing options abound. But Netflix binges can turn into monotony before you know it. As one day begins to run into the next, you may find yourself asking, what else can I do with this sudden influx of extra time on my hands? What other activity options are there out there that will keep me from going stir crazy and falling victim to a severe case of cabin fever? Consider checking out these five binge-worthy hobbies that won’t involve your TV asking you, “Are you still there?”

    1. Learn how to cook

    Whether you’ve never been much into cooking and are at a beginner’s level or you have troves of cooking experience, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can make it tough to find time for fun in the kitchen. Now is the time to try out all those tasty recipes you’ve been liking and pinning on social media! You could even check out some free cooking tutorials online to improve your skills. Before you know it, cooking may become your not-so-guilty pleasure!

    2. Take up gardening

    There’s nothing like adding a little extra beauty to your home and yard to perk up your mood. Pick out some of your favorite flowers, plants, and foods to nurture from the ground up. The payoff may not be immediate, but you’ll have plenty of fun in the day-to-day care, as gardening can provide an outlet for the whole family. The extra pop of color could be just what you’ve been needing!

    3. Discover new music

    You know all the times your friends or family have recommended a new band or album to you, and you said, “I’ve got to check that out!”? Now you can actually explore all those new jams! Take a listen to your favorite band’s newest releases, make a new workout playlist with all your new finds, and share your favorite new artists with the people you know will enjoy their tunes! Music you love can drone out the humdrum soundtrack you may be facing these days.

    4. Spend time writing

    It’s a bit strange to consider, but in this moment, we are living in a time that will undoubtedly be highlighted in our future history books. So why not document your experiences? Consider keeping a journal chock full of all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Writing is a great outlet, and there is a plethora of genres that may tickle your fancy. Need to lighten things up? Write about all the funny things that happen throughout your day. Want to share your outlook with friends and family and save your memories for future generations? Maybe a personal blog would be right up your alley. Let the times be your muse!

    5. Reevaluate your budget

    Times like these can also prompt us to think about the security of our future. Although it may not sound like your idea of fun, using this time to rethink your budget could be just what many of us need, as the peace of mind could make a world of difference! Many online banking platforms include options to break your spending habits into categories, which makes it easier to analyze your spending habits. Once you have an understanding of where your money goes each month, you can take some time to decide which expenses are most necessary. You may find that you’re able to designate a little more of your monthly budget to build a nest egg for future emergencies, and you will undoubtedly thank yourself for the forethought later!

    Enjoy your break from endless TV time, and make sure to share the rewards of your new pastimes with the people you love!

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    Camille Hall-Ortega

    Camille Hall-Ortega is a Corporate Communications Developer for SWBC. She develops and deploys various communication campaigns and strategies for internal/external audiences.

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