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    Quickly Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

    Do looks or first impressions truly matter? In terms of your home, yes!

    This is even more true if you are looking to sell your home. A welcoming and well-maintained exterior will catch the eye of possible buyers, whether online or in person. Meanwhile, a lifeless exterior will have most potential buyers passing it up.

    If you simply want to add more pride to the exterior to your home, giving its curb appeal a refresh will certainly accomplish that!

    The idea of tackling your home’s curb appeal can seem expensive and time consuming; but thanks to sites like Pinterest and Instagram, there are an endless amount of fast and inexpensive ideas at our fingertips.

    To get you started, the focal points of a home’s curb appeal include the front entry, yard, and walkway/driveway. When updating these areas, it’s important to match the personality and style of your home. Following this rule of thumb will ensure the updates look fitting to the home and as if they’ve been there all along.

    Front Entry

    The front entrance of your home gives an immediate impression to potential buyers or visitors. Take advantage of that effect and paint your front door a bold color to make your entrance feel inviting and modern. The best part of this update is that it only takes a few hours to complete and is extremely inexpensive. If a bright color isn’t necessarily your style, then a solid wood door is a good option as well.

    If you are looking to take your front entry update a little further, a few simple touches like adding potted plants or light fixtures to your porch or next to your front door can accentuate your home’s existing character.

    Front Yard

    A major source of curb appeal stems from the landscaping of a home. A nice yard does require maintenance on the homeowners’ end, but if left uncared for, a messy yard can make a home look run down. The basic maintenance of a well-kept yard includes cut grass, no overgrown weeds, and keeping any bushes or trees trimmed.

    Once the basics are taken care of, a popular project among homeowners is planting flower beds. Flower beds are an easy way to bring color and life to a yard. Circular beds can be added around trees, or rectangular beds can align fences or the front of a home. The beds can be filled with colorful flowers or an array of green plants, depending on the maintenance level you can take on.

    No matter the size of the bed, this addition will add value and beauty to your home.


    Walkways and driveways aren’t the most exciting areas of your home’s exterior, but they are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important they are maintained. This includes giving your walkways and driveways a good power wash. This will help keep dirt, stains, and other build-up at bay, while also contributing to the overall clean look you want your exterior to have.

    Along with power washing, keeping the edges of your walkway and driveway trimmed and free from any overgrown grass or weeds is a small detail that will make a big difference in their appearance.

    Remember that updates to the exterior of your home don’t always require a team of professionals or a large amount of money. The ideas mentioned here are just a few of the small ways you can step up your home’s curb appeal and get it the reaction it deserves!

    If you’re ever looking to complete a more extensive renovation be sure to check our home renovation loan options!

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